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  1. Sorry for my absence-- I kind of didn't think anyone would notice? So I'm really touched you guys did. <3 I had a very busy December/January and I haven't really been around much anywhere upon finding out my mother-in-law's chemo treatment did not work and she only has a few months left with us.

    And wow, this place looks so strange now, lol. But I'll be back around to post in threads tomorrow. I love y'all. :kisses2all:

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    2. Diamond Horse

      Diamond Horse

       @Britneybbhmm I am very sorry to hear about your cousin. Many hugs and thank you for being so warm here in Exhale. 

    3. Britneybbhmm


      @NoNeedForSuit&Tie thank u so much! It means a lot! :hugs:

    4. Diamond Horse

      Diamond Horse

      @Britneybbhmm You are so welcome. :hugs: It means a lot to me as well.