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  1. It took me six hours to do all of my Christmas shopping. :nyheadache: I don't want to look at a checkout or online store again for the rest of the month-- and I'm a shopaholic. 

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    2. fucknfurter


      @colormefresh, I did half online and half physical, but it was the online that also helped kill me because I had to get my mother-in-law a customized family tree necklace with like ten birthdays, so I had to do a lot of Facebook stalking and scouring for the correct birthstones.

      @Electro World, I ALREADY DID THAT, LMAO. But lol, my mom did that, too. I feel for her every year now, Lordy.

      @I'mSoCurious It's ridiculous. People lose their heads over this season and it's kind of what also kills it.

      @SlayOut Okay, you win. I work in retail (I worked at Michael's) and nnnnnn, the holiday season is the absolute WORST to work no matter where you are. People seem to go out of their way to be extra horrible, which is what I meant by what I said above ^. The worst punch in the gut is the hours they expect you to work while trying to have a holiday, so I'm so, so sorry. :(

    3. A.D.


      I did all my shopping online and it was still stressfull as sh!t cause I have a family that's really picky and specific when it comes to gifts :meltdown: The actual Christmas day is usually a decent enough experience for me but the holidays season is meh. People loose their sh!t over insignificant things. The most fun I ever had doing physical shopping was last year and it wasn't even with the whole "picking items to purchase" process, it was by calling out this nasty middle-age woman who bumped into my shoulder which lead to her fur coat accidentally falling on the floor. Bitch said "watch out, four eyes" and I said "take it easy Mob Wive, there are plenty of cats you can kill to make an Eskimo coat" :queenriri:

    4. fucknfurter


      @A.D. :hugs: Oh my God, that sounds awful. I got stressed because I had kids to buy for and they're always into new things, I get so confused every year on what they like. One of them is now old enough to want clothes but no one could give me a size, so I did the best I could with what little info I had. :tiffsniffle: And.... Lord! I'm laughing because good come back, but what a bitch.

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