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    Britney, writing, reading, generally staying in my damn lane and just reading through stuff like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  1. It took me six hours to do all of my Christmas shopping. :nyheadache: I don't want to look at a checkout or online store again for the rest of the month-- and I'm a shopaholic. 

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    2. A.D.


      @fucknfurter I didn't know you had kids already, you must be such a cool mom :unbelievableney: Well, you know I'm good with words and no one can cut a bitch like me. Reading is more than just a shady skill, it's a necessity of life :queenriri:

    3. fucknfurter


      Nooo, I'm just an aunt, lol. :giggleney: I have two nieces, ages seven and five. The seven year old acts like she's a twenty year old trapped in a child's body (she has her mother's disapproving expressions already), and the five year old is a chatterbox who loves money, lmao. But yes, I do know this. ;) That is very true!

    4. A.D.


      But you're a cool aunt to the point where you go through all this trouble just to satisfy your nieces :hugs: They both sound so much fun and I'm also a chatterbox that loves money so God bless the little one for already having her own emancipation of Mimi phase :queenriri: