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  1. So I had a private forum with a friend where we wrote together, and I just tried to go onto it to find that it was shut down for violating a term that basically says they can delete/take sh!t offline for any reason, or even no reason at all. Everything I've read on it says it could be something as simple as an outside link that violated their TOS. Anything else I can't think of, because you honestly couldn't get onto the board unless you were one of us; so it couldn't be something like offensive content to minors. I never even got a warning email, and neither did she.

    I'm just so upset because I've lost months of work if they've deleted it for real/won't put it up long enough for me to get all of my drafts and move them to another site. I don't even care about the Jingle Ball anymore, like nothing is cheering me up.

    I hope everyone else has a good Godney night, though. And I hope Britney slays her set tonight. I just.... :crying11:

    (Sorry, I had to get this out somewhere.)

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    2. fucknfurter


      We discovered -- and yes, this one is on us, we admit -- that they prefer to keep their boards PG-13, and our writing was about vampires. :embarrassney: So obviously we were far past the PG-13 rating. We had stories that contained violence because of said vampires, and we only just found out that they don't even like violence mentions on their boards. We've both emailed them a few times and have still not heard back, however. It seems like they're just ignoring us completely. :(

      We'd already accepted that our main story would be lost because they also won't allow you to export, but now it's looking like we're not even going to get the chance to copy and paste everything to a file to save.

      And A.D.-- I'm so, so sorry, that's horrible. I couldn't imagine having to go through that.

    3. Draw The Blinds

      Draw The Blinds

      That's so silly they deleted it though, even if the boards are supposed to be pg13 because it was on private. Only you and your friend could see so there shouldn't be a problem. :beynah:

      They should have given you the opportunity to save your work :wannadie:

    4. I'mSoCurious


      Ooh, vampires. :)

      I'm praying that you get your stuff back. It really hurts when you lose your hard work. :sassybrit:

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