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  1. Does anyone here watch this season of AHS? Is it worth getting into?

    Right now I've got enough shows to watch to keep me satisfied, but I know I'm going to start looking for something else come the big Christmas break. I don't mind waiting until the season's over to begin watching. So is it any good?

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    2. A.D.


      I have to admit though Lea is type-cast she's really good at playing socially awkward/creepy. One of my favorite moments from the series was when the Chanels were arrested and she sat on the couch with resting bitch face while "Toy Soldiers" played on the background :comingthru:

      Who are your main suspects? I kinda wish it were someone we know from the beginning. Speaking of continuity why hasn't she exposed the Dean for having murdered her ex-husband? :donewithit:

    3. BrittonJeanSpears


      Right?! She could totally sink Munsch in jail for klling her ex-husband... Maybe she knows that since she's a convicted killer, no one would ever believe her?

      My main suspect is Kirstie Alley as the pregnant lady, or Taylor Lautner as the biracial baby (which is funny, since he's Native American, not biracial...)

    4. A.D.


      And the Dean has become a Hilary Clinton of sorts so she's like the face of feminism (though much like her she's corrupt :uknowit:)

      OMG bitch, those are my predictions as well. Taylor Lautner was awful in the Twilight series but his acting has surprisingly improved...though Chanel #3 is still the best character :rihclap:

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