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  1. Does anyone here watch this season of AHS? Is it worth getting into?

    Right now I've got enough shows to watch to keep me satisfied, but I know I'm going to start looking for something else come the big Christmas break. I don't mind waiting until the season's over to begin watching. So is it any good?

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    2. BrittonJeanSpears


      He was so fucking hot that I don't think anyone cared about his acting. :gloria: 

    3. mylonliNESS


      OMG Guys... I've been trying to post here for the past 2 days :crying2: but I'm not able too...

      I was trying to tell you... that pic of Lea Michele crying over the casket was fake... it was actually of an army wife, when her husband's body was flown back... and Chanel #5 is alive in the new promo...

      and I was so SHOCKED about Denise... :crying1: though I think... My 3 Faves were and are...

      Denise, Chanel #1 and Chanel #3!!! Chanel #3 and Denise have never had an annoying moment on the show ever!!!!!!

    4. mylonliNESS


      @BrittonJeanSpears OMG I thought of Taylor Lautner too! :o When the series started!

      It's obviously (most likely) the baby of the pregnant women from episode 1