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  1. fucknfurter

    other What's the meaning of this scene?

    She represents whichever choreographer Britney had at the time (wasn't it the squared division?) and them trying to make her do complex choreo.
  2. That's fair. And I agree with that; it's disgusting that she was that petty about it, especially after having used the music herself. I actually have seen this level of petty in music before, however, and it all always stems from anger and bitterness. I think she's just really pissed about Mel B, but that still doesn't give her the right. I haven't followed Vicky since.... well, since back then, honestly, and she has become ice cold, so I can't even say I hope she realizes just how vindictive and in the wrong she's being here. But I do hope she does, though.
  3. Slash of Guns N' Roses hates Sweet Child O'Mine, yet it was his hook that opens the song and draws you in that made it such an instant hit. He came up with it while goofing off, and he absolutely hates playing it now because he's so sick of hearing it. (But I'm also 97% sure he hated it from its conception.) No, it's not Axl (the guy singing it), but it's the same gist. (And I'm pretty sure Axl's sick of SCOM, too.) I mean, it's why all artists/bands do covers during shows, and why they remix their songs for tours, etc etc. Sometimes you just get sick of your own work. And in Britney's case, she's not exactly into her career, so of course she never digs through the vaults of her work to bring back the rarities. I think it would have been a lot more entertaining to see Britney sing a song she's into. (That didn't have that stupid chipmunk filter slapped over it )
  4. fucknfurter

    video Britney crying in 2004 interview

    Nobody answered the question, so-- this was by the time America/the rest of the world had just decided they were sick of her, because she was so overexposed. First she had to deal with everyone constantly paying attention to her out of positive interest, and then she had to deal with everyone constantly paying attention to her out of negative interest. This was also as the paparazzi had started getting more aggressive with her in general; she mentioned it a few times during ITZ era. And frankly, I think the breakup (with Justin) just sped up the inevitable. There was no escaping the overexposure effect with the way her team worked her.
  5. See, I would agree if he hadn't covered up the old tattoo. True, it is still there and he'll always be able to see it through the ink he had placed on top of it, but it'd take someone who had no idea about any of these at least a few minutes of really studying the tat closely to see the little doodle and that line he had above it. (It took me several minutes and that was knowing there was something underneath.) I mean, if you keep it and use it exactly for that, in remembrance to those memories, cool. Respect to you, honestly. But he just covers them up and it makes it feel pointless and just done in the heat of the moment without real care or thought given to the bigger picture; which, admittedly, I think this whole relationship was. But I definitely get where you're coming from.
  6. Anyway, on topic.... that's so many tats to have to cover up or get laser removed. It's Pete that'll have to spend the most money-- all those Ari tats. If you had to cover up that ugly flipping doodle of your other ex, you would think that would have taught you..... Tattoos and music videos ≠ great places to put your significant others.
  7. Yes, but it's a major rule breaker that gets you banned instantly if discovered. And it's something the mods/admins can always check.
  8. We also got the VSFS in 2007, though admittedly that was all lip synced: That's why I'm surprised Simon couldn't step in this time and make them sort it out. I think Geri's only one small contributing factor to keeping that glue holding, tbh.
  9. .....Wow..... I loved Victoria the most in their heyday. And yes, I'm well aware I was in the minority. It was okay when others said she couldn't sing, etc etc, because I didn't agree with the first, and the dancing was whatever because none of them really can. But four's still not going to sell the way five would, and to have Katy Perry step in for Posh's role? Ugh. Just keep it at four; bringing in someone else won't make it any better, nor will it bring that amount up to $30 mil. I'm not even for any of the names you listed off. I'm sure someone will be, but if y'all think that's going to make it less noticeable that the fifth member's missing-- it won't. Then again, I can only assume the rest of the Spice fanbase will be elated. This is a situation where I'm ugh'ing everyone. Simon, you were supposed to sort this mess out.
  10. Britney: One More Time, coming our way in time for Valentine's Day.
  11. fucknfurter

    exhale BRIT <3 GO VEGETARIAN <3

    When y'all aren't sanctimonious about it, I don't care. Woo, tofu. But don't expect Britney to change her diet just because her fans ~want her to. Lmao.
  12. It's not even the first reply that gets me, but the second. ("Maybe you don't know as much as you think you do?!?!") Both make sense, but that is her literally slapping down taking the blame for the times when Britney does her own makeup, and I cackled.
  13. fucknfurter

    other Will Britney ever headline the Super Bowl?

    I would've been disappointed if that hadn't been your answer.