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  1. fucknfurter

    music Myah Fatale

    She is.
  2. fucknfurter

    rumor Did Britney Record A Song Titled "Strip Down" With Cardi B?

    Yeah, according to them she also collabed with Machine Gun Kelly, so let's hope this is just Apple Pie/Pitbull collab wave 2.0 and they never happened or never surface.
  3. Yeah, I doubt he cares, he knows the Grammys are a joke-- But wow, did Nicki really get no noms after her label submitted stuff?
  4. fucknfurter

    other Playing Britney Music in public

    Yeah, it's rude. Sorry. It's just really disconcerting and off-putting to others. I get it in cars and am guilty of listening to my music pretty loudly there, but if you're walking around, I would recommend a good pair of earbuds or headphones.
  5. fucknfurter

    exhale So why do y'all hate Brit now?

    You can't be serious.
  6. fucknfurter

    exhale Britney needs a break...

    No one is saying they're trying to force her into anything, though. Everyone knows the threads will be ignored by Britney and her team, or that they just don't bother with Exhell anyway. And no one suggested Vegas wasn't her choice. We know. That still isn't going to make me think she shouldn't have taken a real break after 2007. I absolutely think she should've.
  7. Smart. Anyway, I can never see my stats because I don't listen to Spotify enough. (I use my Amazon player.)
  8. fucknfurter

    exhale Britney needs a break...

    Don't take offense, the bot you're speaking to there thinks that anyone but them and Britney herself has no say in suggestions towards Britney's career for thread purposes. But just wait until it makes a lyric thread that's utterly pointless or has some great idea of what would be cool for Britney to do.
  9. fucknfurter

    other Britney-Funko OUT

    Aw, the shirt's adorable! But I thought the Target exclusive wouldn't be BOMT Britney.... so what will the regular Funko be, that isn't a Target exclusive?
  10. fucknfurter

    exhale So why do y'all hate Brit now?

    Someone: -criticizes something about Britney's career- Y'all: Why do you wish Britney was dead? (Admittedly, I'm not watching y'all lately, so if there was an influx of hate I wouldn't know. But y'all are hella dramatic.)