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  1. fucknfurter

    rumor B10 IS COMING

    Isn't InsiderOnMusic the same crappy "insider" who claimed she'd recorded with Cardi and MGK? (Just checked-- yep.) Stop buying their lies, y'all.
  2. fucknfurter

    Just get shooked by Brit insta likes Vs other artists ...

    Literally, who cares.
  3. This. The writing credits thing, I had reiterated to me yet again last night, people don't really care about at all. (I had a conversation with my friend about J.Lo. The verdict really is that no one cares that she stole songs, because they still like her.) But the playback thing is a huge issue, and can be as easily proven as any of us going to a Youtube video of Britney's and just looking through the comments for the inevitable lipsync comments that'll be there. And while it WAS a thing in 1999, it wasn't as much as it seems to matter now. It was discussed, but everyone waved it off and if you're an older Britney fan, you know you used the excuse of, "But she dances hard, so who cares?" Nowadays, them doing SOME occasional playback is fine (award shows and bigger televised events, really), but if they did it one hundred percent the way Britney does, they wouldn't last.
  4. What @2K16NEY said is actually true, for the record-- the town is dying, or has finally sputtered to a stop. Most of the younger people leave it as soon as they can, because staying there would be holding them back. I was reading articles written specifically about Kentwood last night, and the woman who runs the Kentwood/Britney museum even acknowledged that back in 2016 in one of them, that the town was becoming more and more vacant. Let me see, which one was it.... https://splinternews.com/finding-the-american-dream-in-britney-spears-hometown-1793860896
  5. Yeah, she's not mentioned on the official website anymore, either. (It used to say "Britney Spears' Hometown" on the logo.)
  6. I'm not shocked. People have been bursting at the seams for someone to finally care that Jennifer's entire career is stolen. There was even that blind item gossip that went on for months that claimed a singer out there had a dead woman sing all of her songs (like she died after.... the first two albums of this singer's career and they had to find someone else), and everyone was sure it was Jennifer because the years lined up with On The 6, etc. And even if that was a total load of bullsh*t, there's still physical proof that her label has had other singers sing for her. So really, who is shocked that her songs belonged to others, too? "I'm Real", indeed.
  7. fucknfurter

    rumor Britney's Rumored 'Domination' Outfits Are NSFL

    I don't care. I really don't. If it's not a f*cking bra and panties, we're good. But that is nowhere near "urban".