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  1. Actually, a stan is someone who becomes obsessed to the point of killing themselves and a loved one over someone famous, as in that is literally the subject of Stan by Eminem, and it's never been a good term: so yes, you're right. I don't get why fans adopted the word. Its like they're insulting themselves and implying they're psychotic.
  2. Yeah, my state doesn't, and learning that this is apparently a requirement in other states is news to me. Back license plate only.
  3. I own it, so they already got that money out of me.
  4. Yeah, Cassie's working out her finger today. All copyrighted music and anyone who said anything remotely rude, the Twitter Army suggestion is to go private until you can clean stuff up.
  5. We literally have an active member from NASGA here who keeps insisting how irregular it is. All sorts of people who have worked on these things are saying it. They're selectively ignoring all of this. It's mind blowing to watch, tbh.
  6. Enjoy supporting slavery, because that's essentially what you're doing. Frankly, we knew she didn't have full control of her music career before this started (she literally stated during Glory promo that she finally got to step into more control after years of none), so saying she doesn't have to release music if she doesn't want to could have been thrown out before there was evidence of the c ship being corrupt.
  7. He's the one who filed the restraining order against Lutfi. We got pictures of him then.
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