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  1. HeavenOnHell

    other B10 BUNDLE IDEA

    I think considering everything she has done with her career for the past years, brinny would sell 50k first week for b10, while we are all looking for ways to increase her physical sales chart, she wont get that number 1 spot again. People really dont care anymore and even some fans stopped caring either (unless she really went angry and reminded the 6billion people that hey, its Brinny, bitch)
  2. HeavenOnHell

    event It's been 5 months

    Correction. Mario said, LADIES AND...LADIES...LADIES AND GENTLEMAN "BRITNEY SPEAR"! without the "S". Lol.
  3. HeavenOnHell

    news Britney And Christina Make Streaming History

    Thats why they associate brit as old has been popstar... When new generation kids read this post, they will be like "oh 3 decades? Shes really old now i see."
  4. HeavenOnHell

    other What records does Britney still hold?

    I couldnt agree more. Lol.
  5. Brinny will be singleney for 5 months or so then curse all men while doing interviews teasing for B10 and few months later she has her new trashy boyfriend by the time B10 is released and days later she stopped caring about her new album and stopped doing promos because she like to twerk first on bed with her new boytoy. History repeats itself.
  6. HeavenOnHell

    other B10 Promo Outfit

    Imagine brinni wearing long gown in red carpet... i would die, really. Too bad our girl has very very very bad fashion sense.
  7. HeavenOnHell

    other B10 Promo Outfit

    Oh god! This really breaks my heart. Why brit? Why? Lol 😂😂😂
  8. HeavenOnHell

    other B10 Promo Outfit

    Soon enough our girl will suddenly appear and announce her new offering. What is your dream brinni promo outfits for interrviews forher next project? For me, i want her to wear white because i cant recall the last time she wore one. I think similar to dua lipa's idgaf mv outfit. But in white... or even red... Something like this. im tired seeing her on too tight mini dresses. She can wear different colors also aside from black (which is the only color our girl likes wearing now) I know she can pull this off. She needs a very good stylist who can dress her appropriately considering that shes 37 already. Im dreaming brit would wear something blake lively inspired fashion. What is yours really? Im bored. Wooot.
  9. HeavenOnHell

    news Britney missing poster sksks

    She cant go out because of the facial overhaul surgery she just underwent. it will take few more weeks to heal. Get ready for unrecognizable brinni when she comes out. Lol
  10. HeavenOnHell

    other Loving Breakney

    Only the stans and die hard fans miss her. Regular fans wouldnt check for her everyday and so for most people shes been on break since forever. She can comeback anyday now and most people woundnt care, only us really. Well if she comeback soon, lets hope she learned her leasons because she failed on many areas big time ... ...just being honest.
  11. The gp is not wanting nor waiting for a crazy gaga, people are over it. She needs to do more low budget indie films instead... and maybe get a hundred award noms for best actress?