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  1. I've always lived for this bop it's so dark and moody ugh slay
  2. I like both but I think the only reason I like tik tok is because I'm on the alt side Vine will always be elite tho
  3. I'm not sure if this is interesting or not but a tiktok just popped up on my for you page about Britney and her situation. It's getting a lot of attention and currently has over 700k likes. The comments are also really positive and it seems to be helping spread awareness to her situation I saw a comment that said something like "this isn't right we should start a petition to help her" and it has 29k likes https://vm.tiktok.com/JR33e6M/
  4. Watch her join the zoom call wearing this She better come for Jamie and Lou's knecks #FreeBritney
  5. I'm so proud of this girl tho honestly I've been stanning since 2016 and she literally deserves this and so much more her songs Dangled, Quiz and Scraps deserve so much more recognition
  6. I honestly think Blackout, In the Zone and Glory have aged very well even though I love Femme Fatale the majority of it has aged like milk
  7. Bomt: Best - I'll be there, Worst- Deep in my Heart Oidia: Best- Where are you now, Worst- Dear Diary Britney: Best- I'm not a girl, Worst- Anticipating Itz: Best- Everytime, Worst- Brave New Girl Blackout: Best- Outta This World, Worst- Toy Soldier Circus: Best- Out from Under, Worst- Mmm Papi FF: Best- He About to Lose Me, Worst- Trouble for Me Bj: All of it is s**t Glory: Best- Mood Ring, Worst- Clumsy
  8. I honestly still bop to this regularly such a good remix and it deserves more recognition
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