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  1. Can you imagine if Britney has an account here with a alter ego and gives info that’s actually true and we had no idea cause we think it’s another rumor from a fan lol I believe she reads it just to see what’s going on but to think she’s on here 24/7 prob not
  2. Her team is really trying to do damage control or distracting us from what’s to come.. didn’t Jamie say his trying hard to “Fix the Britney brand” from all this free Britney It’s gonna be a bumpy road and I hope she stays safe and they don’t do anything to harm our girl
  3. I have a theory what if Ingham knew something about Jamie and Lou that they were doing with the money and he was upset that he wasn’t getting a cut of it so he decided to “help” Britney to scare Lou and Jamie into giving him more money or a cut of what was going on behind the scenes with Britney’s money.
  4. I almost believed it almost...
  5. Lol TMZ is a joke aren’t they the ones who post a story saying How Jamie saved Britney lol and the free Britney is a joke and not true and kept praising Jamie TMZ is bought by Celebs who pay them to post story’s and they are on Jamie’s payroll sad that it’s probably coming from Britney’s money
  6. Ima be honest when I saw a picture of her I thought she was gonna sound like old... but she seems cool her look doesn’t match her voice lol but I’m glad and happy that she’s still getting that coin!
  7. James101


    Red is the color of my love Dark as the night Hot as the sun Like a cloud that's full of rain Like a melody that plays Fast asleep I'm pass the point of no return with you now So come to me Your secrets over, love its over Still i, still i I live for you baby I die for you Just let me know I'm bleeding for you Red is the color of my love Dark as the night Hot as the sun Like a cloud that's full of rain Like a melody that plays I pray for you, my heart it prays for you, yeah Shake me down slow Lock me up and let me go Feel me, i (bleed?) to feel me I'll be, i'll be loving you Even if it kills me
  8. OMG I figure it out they are releasing “ Red is my color” the Femme Fatale demo reject! can’t wait for this bop
  9. Obviously it was done on purpose so the audience think/believe she was singling live. I liked it and tbh her lip-synching on the FFT was great she really sold it. Compared to POM where she didn’t even try you can tell she was off and was just moving her mouth random with 20 year old high pitched vocals lol
  10. Britney Spears to me is like the most fascinating popstar in history since we don’t know what goes on behind close doors. I don’t believe she needs conservatorship, she needs someone to guild her in life since she has been “over protected” I feel like she has severe anxiety when the camera is on or when she’s around people she doesn’t know. It’s a shame she never grew in the music Industry her team kept marketing her in the same Direction over and over. I get it *** sells but Britney is very talented and she has so much potential to release a visual album and videos if her team and record label was not so controlling and keep putting everything in the back burner and washing it down with a Disney nock off music video (Make me) My hopes she gets free and drops RCA and find a record label that will let her be creative in the studio and in music videos. But we all know she won’t leave RCA she’s way to loyal
  11. Cue in the “Lucky song” why do these tears come at night.... wish her nothing but the best in 2021 expect the unexpected and be kind to one another
  12. I don’t think jordon would wanna trademark that since her team would take that as fighting and making “ false accusations” against her team, you know they would take him down especially after “everything they done for him” ... his a good puppy, trained well apologizes when told to by Lucifer
  13. And they say she’s worth 60 mill. Smh wonder where they be hiding her money
  14. Well I forgot who said it but there was an article saying that Britney had an earpiece on her at all times feeding her lines, I wanna believe it was Demi who actually said it. That she always had to look for her team to feed her what to say.. I believe it was Jason who actually would tell Britney what to say when she was wearing the ear Peace
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