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  1. And they say she’s worth 60 mill. Smh wonder where they be hiding her money
  2. Well I forgot who said it but there was an article saying that Britney had an earpiece on her at all times feeding her lines, I wanna believe it was Demi who actually said it. That she always had to look for her team to feed her what to say.. I believe it was Jason who actually would tell Britney what to say when she was wearing the ear Peace
  3. I’ve cracked my camera on my iPhone 10 and looks like **** when taking pics but also sad that I was able to buy the new iPhone 12 pro max and she’s still on the iPhone 6 family plan smh I bet Jamie has a bette phone than our queen
  4. Makes sense why her team didn’t want the music video they didn’t want the public to know what was going on. All her music videos are very dark and always involves death. They record the videos yet they never release them instead we get a washed out Disney Version, makes no sense why waste all this money knowing her team will never allow for it to be released. I know they have meetings how music videos are gonna be shot and the plots so makes no sense. Unless daddy Spears says no, If Britney had a problem with the music videos she would have never filmed them.. could be RCA or just her dad and team that decide that’s not the “Britney brand” which is dumb because by doing so they did not let Britney herself grow into an Artist instead they wanted to market her as **** who sells ***... which makes the General public think that she has zero talent, and that’s her team fault for not letting her grow and mature into an Artist and let her express herself in music videos and in her music... cause they are afraid that people will know the truth
  5. Womanizer ( with a badAsss entrance and break dance) piece of me it you seek amy 3 sometimes born to make you happy what is like to be me lucky Circus shattered glass Toxic slave quicksand moodring radar hold it against me/till the world ends remix with break dance and fireworks and confetti stronger work ***** Crazy/baby one more time (with her real voice pre-recorded not high pitched 20-year-old vocals) You guys want one more? Yessss!!! I can’t hear you!!!! it’s Britney ***** ( gimme more) and lastly anticipating
  6. Only 3 slices one pointing up and down and up... subliminal message
  7. It’s swimming with the stars and matches with backstreet Boys. Kinda surprised that they axed The Backstreet Boys Since they went on tour and that could’ve been the next scream and shout song for Britney but then again anything TEam Con does never makes sense
  8. I been an Exale member for years never made comments until now. Never thought i would see this day but wishing our Queen B the justice, 12 years later but its never to late for judgment day.
  9. Well well well no big surprise we knew they were stealing from her I hope they sue both and anyone who stole from Britney.
  10. Truth be told she’s just wants her freedom.. I doubt she will expose anyone to the public otherwise she would’ve done so by now.. plus if she did a tell all book everyone including her family and Lou would sue Britney and drag her for every cent for slandering their names on a book. As much as I want her to speak up about these people I know if she does more stress and problems will come into her life with lawsuits etc
  11. They actually removed those comments months ago when the whole Black Lives Matter moment came, the claimed they wanted TMZ not to have hateful comments anymore and wanted to be a wholesome website, yet they can make stupid articles saying Britney is crazy and needs to conservatorship just because they’re paid by Team CON. Hypocrite of them
  12. Prob 500 cause I went to the FF TOUR which was 180 per ticket and I got a poster and a cup
  13. She has some bangers but not sure if she’s active anymore haven’t heard anything more her in years
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