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  1. He has depression too he said, dunno if is good or bad for Britney.
  2. Sag, don't care about conventions or other people's opinions and do our own thing. Like dancing. Spontaneous. We both like chokers and super short skirts, I had people telling me how short my skirt is at work, school, language school. I also would love a Maserati like her but I am not in that level lol. Maybe I can get a Smart as my next car though and make my man sit on the back like a canned tuna. I am also pretty flexible, do yoga, like to paint and love swimming/beach :D
  3. Argh I need to exercise I am younger than Brit and no kids and I feel embarassed of myself how fit she can be and I am flabby lazying out! Think my muscles turned into fat this 2016
  4. One of my fav songs of Britney, I dunno why was not more talked about media and here. Is controversial and has such smart dirty lyrics XD Amazing. Lets talk dirty you and me... lets talk about biology, i have a star sixty nineee for thaaat XD
  5. I don't like him at all either. I can't watch any of those carpool karaokes, he is boring and think he is the last cookie in the jar... so full of himself (in a bad way). He is rude and doesn't let the singers sing. In karaoke you share the spotlight with your guest not overshadow everybody and make obnoxious snobbish faces. How people can stand his videos??
  6. He looks sweet, I don't get K-Fed vibes from him, got more from G-Eazy (even though he has a career and doesn't need Britney's money, something K-Fed never had :/). But he is kinda dunno... I can't put my hand on it XD. Maybe is that I think he looks clingy and not "Strong" as in tough strong even though he is so buffed up XD It is like it doesn't match in my head. I usually go for the not so physically strong but "tough" guy. So maybe is just my own thing. I think she will get bored of him if she stays with him, he doesn't look like he would have tons of things to talk about (he only posts about his gym routines and his muscles) and he is only 22 so less experience in life. But maybe that is what Britney want a sweet less experienced-less luggage "hard working" man And who cares about age difference? I dated 30 year old guys that were more immature than 19 ones. And when I was 18 I was more mature than when I was 26. At 18 I only wanted to date long term and etc, at 26 after long term relationship, I just wanted to party for quite sometime.
  7. Lol Britney looks better now XD And she really hates Sometimes like she said XD She didn't even prerecorded it or tried to sing live like she used to do with BOMT at that time XD lol
  8. Finished. Lets hope they play. This song smells like radio friendly unlike make me and is easy to sing along too.
  9. Awww this is so much like Britney. I hope she helps throw a Birthday bash for down syndrome kids. People would love her for it too. And she loves kids and being different. Go Britney.
  10. Change your mind def.. I love that part " you don't wannaaa cross the liiine but I ama make you chaaange your miiiiind" And Mood ring too, is the best MOOOOOOOD ring OOOp and down emoootions, all those MOOOOOD swings, you know how to read the touch of MYYYY skiin, moood ring you change me OOOWwwn"
  11. I think Britney is completely right on lipsynching her way on fast or midtempo dancing songs. Looking her not being able to move an arm or moving places to be able to sing live make me nervous and not entertained at all. I think she should sing her heart out of songs like Alien or Everytime while sitting very still on a throne or a chair or something without moving. Just 2 times per show Britney. You can do it! Just to prove them wrong and surprise everybody!
  12. No they broke up after Iheart. And this I think he s more like psychic: Back and forth like this was all tennis I'm all jealous, you came with someone - Sam Asghari But we could tell that there's changes coming - Change your mind See I could tell that you're a dangerous woman - She swerved him on national TV :D
  13. Lol. he is so desperate he needs to try his last weapon pestering someone to see if they pay attention
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