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  1. That Insta holidays post was beyond sad Recentelly I heard a colleague at work mentioning a Britney Insta post, she was mentioning she laughed her *** off with Britney trying outfits with semeared make up on the eyes, she said and I quote "she just lost her mind, she's crazy, but it's so funny" I went and tried to knowledge on #freebritney but it was in vain, they didn't care, it's all conspiracy and Britney went bananas. I really believe it's up to us, I think fans and influencers are the people who can help in some way. We need more buzz feed on the conservatorship, we need Shane Dawson, we need not regular media who are bought, but we need to reach the general public in some way. It's hard to say this, but Britney seems so alone in this battle with no weapons to fight, I do believe if she gets free this can start a buzz about conservator ship and start helping not famous people who might be in similar situation. Army let's unite and take action! And I need to say how I love that this forum has not died, we keep coming back the new one is such a flop, at least for now, it needs major improvement OH and Sam Ashgari is seeming more suspicious about his intentions than ever, just saying
  2. As someone has said she must be bored as hell, be that as it may, it's still so heart warming just to see her continuous simpelness and positivity. She really is the best
  3. As a positive fan, I believe Britney will be settled free from her cship, and within a few time, not so soon, probably but within the next decade she will do a comeback that will snatch everyone's wigs, she'll probably have minor effect on younger generations but I believe she will still make an impact in Pop Music, this is just me assuming on my hopes and what Britney has shown to us during her carrer. She might have lost her full passion on her career, but you still see her joy on stage, and we know the drama she has on personal level, I think when all of that gets established she will come to Pop Music on her own terms and give a pretty good slap on all who mistakebly predicted her end once more. Meanwhile I'm just stanning and hoping for Kim Petras to save Pop Music and become the new it girl. Sure we have Miley, Selena, Ariana... They are all amazing, but they are not legends as Britney or Madonna... I'm hoping on Kim Petras who is starting her career with freshly sounding bubblegum pop infused with inspirations from all corners.
  4. Since Jamie Lynne is always praising Loucifer, I've already unfollowed her. I do not think Britney is like that given her background, to me she seems to be the most sane person in that family, regardless of the misinformed opinion from the GP. But I completely agree with you, if that would be the case, I would immediately unstan her.
  5. This is so scary!!!!! Not even one more cent I will give to that ****. Boycotting all of Britney products, we must find every other product, celebrities, who is affiliated with this *****.... Spread the word, let's put the trash out, let this ***** rott in hell!
  6. Back to the ITZ era and till she got into this cship, she always showed some support to the LGBT community, also Lance Bass has spoken only nice things about coming out to her, apparentelly Take Off was also about supporting LGBT community.... Even post cship, if I'm not mistaken she was bridesmaid 4 a gay wedding, she appeared on the cover of out magazine.... I deeply believe Britney supports the LGBT community, I do think when she firstly appeared coming from a Baptist background that she might have had some issues about gay people, but I think the business, the people she meet, world traveling, Madonna, I don't know, growing up in that world have opened her mind... What I'm pretty sure is that she is being exploited by this cship, and this satânical witch named Lou is laughing all the way to the bank while the gays are supporting Britney, and she is using that money to sacrifice gay people at conversion camps... Off the record but those camps just make me shocked and scared, how they are not ilegal in America!?!?!?!
  7. We should start spreading this message on social media, boycoot Britney products u till she's free from cship.
  8. Amen sister! I'm with you, untill Britney gets out of the cship I won't support anything that will give profit to that **** Lou Taylor. If Britney releases anything while on cship, sorry, I'm a stan since I was a kid and I want so bad to see Britney success, but I won't support this snakes on her team, as so, I just hope if there is any material coming up released during cship, I just hope if flops hard, very, very hard.
  9. Does anyone know when the podcast is coming out? BTW I'm actually a bit scared for the safety of the podcast hosts, they have opened the Pandora box, do you think Team B is lunatic enough to do something against them or am I just losing my **** with all of this situation
  10. I'm so unsure on what to think about Jamie Lynn, there is a piece of me, that just cringes when I see her talking about Britney, do not take me wrong but sometimes it just feels like publicity, I hope I'm completely wrong, but sometimes it just seems fishy.... Not to mention her morbid fascination with Satan's child, Lou Taylor
  11. If people stop addressing this conservatorship without factual investigation, and start falling into illuminate shitty conspiracies we will lose all GP credibility about this major issue. This is about Britney safety, let's not play conspiracies theories in here please.
  12. Those who are not going, like me, who lives in Europe, we should all start tweeting like crazy about it. I'm also hoping for a large attendance, L. A B-Army unite!
  13. I actually posted a comment on Madonna Twitter praising her new song, and ending with "support #FreeBritney". Madonna has liked the comment, this could mean nothing or maybe this could mean she is joining the movement. Regarding the media and GP, we all know that we will be fighting a monster. Her team B, will do anything to survive and maintain they status and power, and the GP has lost interest in Brit, and hearing about this, only transports them to 07. However we are the ones who mainly buy the tickets, the music, the merch, the ones who know the history. We have power and we cannot stop fighting for Britney, this is just beginning, we just must catch the attention of people like Shane Dawson, Madoona... I honestly think some YouTubers and Instragramers are better than huge popstars who might feel uncomfortable to take the first move on a situation like this.
  14. They are f**kin fakes... When they smell cash, they put God in the trash. It's like ***, they are all so pure until they get *****.
  15. Obviously I may be completely wrong, but I'm starting to think Jamie Lynne and Bryan just don't wanna be involved in the situation, I may sound harsh, but I honestly think they don't wanna dwelve into it and honestly just do not care. They're father is involved its not they're business, so they don't wanna worry about something that isn't theyr own personal problem. Sounds pretty harsh and cruel, to me it is, I may be completely wrong, we might not know the whole scenario, but to me, this is the vibe I get... Not all families are good, not everything we see in public is rose gold, money turns people over, deep down there is still a lot we do not know, stuff is just coming up to the surface... All I know is the loud silence from her family and team regarding this issue, only one seeming to be worried is Lynn... There is still a lot to uncover, but one thing I say, I defenetly do not think Britney is incapable of managing her life, she is capable of working her *** off but not taking control of her life, **** is just down to money, and we all know all of the kryptic stuff Britney has put over the year to the public, from Rebellion to her weird Instagram posts,**** ain't right.... Shoutout to MSMojo video, great coverage, sharing it hard!
  16. Long time I don't come here, but this latest news about Brit, have brought me back to the forum. Not sure if someone has already spoken about this, but there is a stan on YouTube appealing to the community to boycott Britney products in order not give her team any more dollar. Shall we start doing it? Kinda think so #freebritney https://youtu.be/j2--Wgsqu3I
  17. They look so freaking good together. Is it just me or at the end, when Sam is getting hes hands on the waist... He's reffering to a different type of meat Gooooo Britttt
  18. Sis u have said it a billion times u play it on low volume, only in the noisy London streets, where is the being rude in this? If u were locked in a public transport or in a closed environment, then it would be rude... But low volume on a bustling city, and u are playing Britney, cmon where is the harm in this, if u were playing some distasteful rap music talking about banging chicks, then I would say it was rude but u are playing slumber party or in worst case scenario gimme more, wtf u are not being rude.
  19. Of course she can be relevant again, she is a Pop Icon and she has a solid carer. She just needs news management, folks who won't look at her fans as cash cows, ppl who take riskier decisions than Vegas just because they want they're pockets full. She needs to get to studio, start recording with the right ppl, make a badass music video for the first single, something like the original make me, not that horrific released make me video and she needs to promote with performances like the BBMAS. Vegas will only damage her image, it will make her fade and turn her into a nostalgic act, while she has so many things going on for her, a new CD, a musical comeback would make news worldwide and the public is still very curious about her, Britney Spears is a name that all ppl know, Vegas is just making her image fade, she just needs new music, and the right management. But all those dumb fuc** think is about theyr pockets and not her carrer.
  20. Please, please let it be true This days I'm up for anything related to new music and not related to that vegas ordeal
  21. I think Britney will be totally fine judging this type of show, it is one episode and the dynamic is so different from X Factor. Also she is completely different today from the X Factor period
  22. It might look good for her today, but she will regreat it tomorrow. Her relevancy has an artist will keep on droping to a new low.
  23. That gif is so good and scary at the same time, at this point everything is possible. If she continues her Vegas residency she will keep continuing to alienate herself from the rest of the world, doesnt matter how many good albums she might create or tv performances that will mostly be watched by the B Army and not GP, she will continue to shut down from the rest of the world and will just be promoting Vegas and not her. The other day Slumber Party was playing on the radio and a coworker said that song was cool, I turned and said "yeahh, Its Britney *****" or something like that, this person who is totally like most GP that knows Beyonce and Rihanna but its not completely into Pop culture said something like "Its Britney Spears? Really is she still making music?" my jaw dropped. Vegas extendensy will just be another nail in her carrer cofin. However I try to remind myself that this is Britney Spears and she always gets on top after being in the depths, at least thats what I try to believe.
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