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  1. Altough i don't understand the they-thing, let me tell you: Your comment doesn't help anybody and not a single person at all. I am a trans-supporter, because they feel differently and people should start to respect that, even on an early stage in transition. I don't want to bring other people down.
  2. But Britney did record Work ***** tho, the Las Vegas version is different, so her vocals have to be somewhere. And in Britneys case, i don't think, it's that difficult to get a vocaldouble, because many songs from Britney have backgroundvocals. And let's not forget the Circus (song) part: "I feel the adrenaline moving..." which is also Myah.
  3. I never said that it's all Britney, i can spot a second girl singing backgroundvocals in the last chorus, but no Myah in there. It's probably because of her voice, she is singing very high, so it sound a little empty with just one vocalpart. They did this since BOMT, they even layered her vocals like three times at the (almost) same time in Womanizer.
  4. Not at all, but ok? And yes, Youtube shoved this up my gayass, my recommended videos, so. Don't judge me. Youtube knows me tho.
  5. I mean, how should that work? She is in german sie The formal version of you is: sie And they is in german also sie. So es is the only thing to describe it, but it comes off as harsh and not friendly at all.
  6. Which toxic comments? Like seriously, we are all here to say: Good for him and stuff like that, how is that toxic? Transphobic would it be, if someone posts still her and she and this person knows better. But no, i refuse to call someone "It", because that would be in my first language the better option out of the things my language offer.
  7. Just compared the wikis and omg, just funny to see the N'Sync one, Tearin' Up My Heart went straight to the top 5 here and #59 in the us or: It's Gonna Be Me: #37 in my country and #1 in the us. But overall: Top 10 songs BSB: 12 Top 10 USA (BSB): 8 Top 10 songs N'Sync: 5 Top 10: USA (N'Sync): 8
  8. But the world changed since 2005 a lot too. People are more open about LGBTQ. I mean the other day i just saw a Youtube-comment about a gay guy having *** to Britneysmusic. Something you could only dream of in 2005. + I like the BOMT-albumcover hands. @Jordan Miller
  9. Preach it sis. Seriously, that doesn't mean they went with the right songs tho. Some of them are just not right for a theme, too experimental or another direction, that doesn't mean the rest is bad. + Scary, Quicksand Amnesia, Unbroken ****s all over Mmm Papi, Big Fat Bass, My Baby and a few others.
  10. + They are in my country the group with the most records sold since the 1975. 9 top 10 albums
  11. Their last album from 2019 went to number one on the US-charts and made it to #3 in germany, i think so?
  12. But sometimes they make wrong or silly choices, i mean look her released bonustracks for example.
  13. But Westlife was more UK based, they had some success here in germany, but not as much in germany. Some of them are really delusional.
  14. We support a confident king, you do you, your life, so don't live a lie, yes, that's what matters.
  15. Yes, yes, yes! Germany as well and had way more hits, like N'Sync had like 3-4 cute bops, but not even close to the BSB.
  16. You do know that BSB started their career in europe, right? Their us-album was a best of from 2 albums. So local? They had so many hits, no, no, they are legends in their own way.
  17. Omg, yes, i mean he was called the male Adele at one point in his career.
  18. This comment is so disgusting. No Shawn, get out! Only important when you are a *** sells kinda guy. And men can easily avoid that, better than women.
  19. I love it, she is slaying with doing almost nothing anymore, cause that song is old. Longevity queen.
  20. This person went in the poppy-direction, but people want gospel and soul from this person. I guess?
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