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  1. 11 minutes ago, jordeezy said:

    Kabbalah teachings.  Babylonian beliefs - God WAS a woman in some of their beliefs and they sacrificed children to honor her.  Disgraceful coming from someone who just had a huge "attack" at her show...

    well, isn't it a huge f**k you to the people that did this at her concert? i think it is? I mean it's nothing new, other artists did that already, kinda.

    but what i really think is interesting, that popmusic became so dark in 2008-2009 suddenly

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  2. She is a f**king popstar, no, you are here to entertain us, with your music, with your performances, and maybe your own gossip about your relationships and stuff.

    but not at all about political stuff, such a turn off, i mean like what's the point? :jlostare: i get that any female popstar was vocal about the gay stuff, because that's their mainaudience, but otherwise...? and even with that stuff, it was annoying when Gaga did it at the end.

  3. I don't see it honestly, most of the time all i see is they shade him to hell and back. and when someone is more girly they can't deal with it.

    and not even ten years back, it was impossible to have a gayact, i mean people like Simon Curtis who went indie because nobody wanted to work with him and the straight producers felt very uncomfortable working with him (they told him that) and managers told him gay and a recordingartist it's not working, even Britneys manager as far as i know.

    So it's not like we are equal in the musicbusiness or anything.

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  4. 9 hours ago, pieceof15yearold*loveyall said:

    Me as a German couldn't hold back the laughter hearing that accent from the interviewer.


    But wow she really seems to be genuine and I didn't know she writes her own stuff.

    I have much more respect for this new generation of pop artists who evolve from songwriters to singers and performers.

    Me too, he has a strong accent i don't say my english is perfect but wow

    and you are also from germany? Hallo ;)

  5. On 7/3/2018 at 3:39 AM, jordeezy said:

    Y'all are so gullible... support REAL, PROUD gay men like Sam Smith, not these dudes thoting around hoping the gay community will back them because they know we actually PAY for music we like aka Harry, Sean Mendez and whoever else.. until they have to live our struggle as gay men then they should not benefit from pretending to be gay.  

    You know what i think is weird?

    gayguys falling for straightacts, but when a gayact is there, they are acting so shady and like he is from a different planet. and in Sam Smiths case it's the straight people who spent him a career.

    i don't get it, and with no disrespect, but i do think (even if he is bisexual) he will never know the struggle that comes with being actually gay, because these people end up most likely in a straight relationship.

    No, sorry.

    it's not better than Nick Jonas and the worst example in movies: James Franco

    it's annoying

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  6. On 6/16/2018 at 1:15 PM, MissKnee said:

    Sexuality is also very weird and complicated (at least to me) 

    I'll use myself as an example. I'm bisexual, but it's kinda weird cause I'm more emotionally attracted to women but I'm more sexually attracted to men, I'm not sure if anyone else has that trait:verycool:

    Trust me many people have your problems. :verycool:

    Something i can't relate to, but i saw many of them.

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  7. To the question: I hate that word, because i find it very very rude. I don't think anyone is ugly, more like "Not my type" but then again no one has to be so bitchy about it, throw it in someones face like some poeple do.

    Just accept you for who you are, and that makes people actually more hotter tbh. :mhmnod:

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