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  1. Sorry but i disagree with Cardi B... I'm pretty sure any old Britney (or any other mainpopgirl) -albumtrack would sell really good, with massive airplay, because someone will like it, it's new to them and so on. Of course you need talent, press, and a certain kind of fame but i think it is possible and is it really a secret? because i am pretty sure they do this with any hugestar. And no, it's the complete package, it's not that easy, how do you know they are there for you and not because you are number one on the charts? I think it's not that easy to tell for new artists, because some people just following every trend. But i didn't expect that from someone like Nicki, that she tells us this, because she jumped on every song possible to get recognition.
  2. Alexanda

    event Ariana Sweetener Thread

    Most of these songs are rnb. i expected a mix but nope, not really. The second song (Pharrell track) is really not the best, whoever made this tracklist - failed. the best songs are around 5-9 imho.
  3. Lucky was a number one song in my country, kinda ironic that they didn't play it in germany. That's how much her team care.
  4. So, i got my copy, i have it here i wanted to make a thread about her album, so, it's not on the internet yet? No i won't leak it, i'm just curious Everytime, Successful & Breathin, Better Off
  5. Alexanda

    When she gets another number 1 album...

    won't happen anytime soon, because her label is a mess and we all know that.
  6. I would say no, more like bubblegumpop, but her problem is Dr. Luke is the mastermind behind her. See what happend after Hot'n'Cold, 2 flops.
  7. Alexanda

    music Ideas for B10?

    Maybe some cheap ones like this one:
  8. Alexanda

    exhale How old is Britney Army? (POLL)

    Well, a good question, i guess we have already with 30+ our favourite artists and i guess, we will still support them and let the new generation the newest popsensations, because i cannot see myself stanning somone like Miley in her first era with 50.
  9. Alexanda

    The "Alejandro" Music Video

    This actually and it's kind of sad, because they did anything way too quick for her image, so it became boring.
  10. Alexanda

    The "Alejandro" Music Video

    I was really excited to see this musicvideo, but it did nothing for me, i didn't like it and i thought Alejandro is the wrong singlechoice anyway. i was hoping for Dance In The Dark. Her Paparazzi musicvideo is still the best for me, because the story was quite shocking for me, because i didn't expect it in a musicvideo. + her performance at the vmas 09 is still iconic.
  11. Alexanda

    exhale Do you still STAN Britney?

    i will always check her new music and will playing it + watch her interviews. but i give new artists a chance and there are others that i really like.
  12. Alexanda

    exhale How old is Britney Army? (POLL)

    We need some daddys
  13. I mean the idea is great, but i don't find him attractive ... like at all. And i do think it would look better with clothes