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  1. I just hate that Britney has had to pay such a big price just for being successful, and then making mistakes that lots of people make. She never deserved any of this. There are ways to help troubled people without taking away their rights and autonomy.
  2. What is going on with her hand? Like it's shaking uncontrollably.
  3. Britney fans drag because we care and know she can be better than what she is being at the time.
  4. It was so weird how Britney always seemed oblivious (or pretended to be) to the fact that her image was sexy and that it was part of her appeal.
  5. Unfortunately, her downward spiral is one of the main things she is known for. That, and her relatively brief prime era.
  6. Yeah, ok. Britney looks pretty as always. But she is a 35 yr old woman wearing pigtails and performing with less maturity than she did at 21.
  7. The Private Show commercial gave me a bit of hope about the upcoming visuals for Glory. But we know how that all turned out All ITZ era photoshoots remain flawless.
  8. I love Blackout, but there are definitely other pop albums on its level, if not better. Similar to what other people have said, Britney never did anything to truly change the game but rather has always fit right in to what was hot at the time. And imo since around FF/BJ, she has been lagging behind.
  9. That's the whole point of having opinions. Not all of them have to be the same. I'm not a huge fan of the album, but don't let that stop you from loving it like majority of the fanbase does.
  10. I don't see why we have to pinpoint which performances post-2007 are most like primeney. None of them were like primeney. But some were clearly much better than others and Britney shows improvement here and there.
  11. He comes off as trying too hard at sounding mature and romantic.
  12. The cheap blonde wig scenes should not have been kept in the video. Horrible. Should have just been her messing around on the pole.
  13. It is possible to live life without documenting everything on social media. Ok we don't know what Britney is doing in her private time? So what? Isn't that what fans always wanted for her?
  14. Despite other ppl bashing your opinion, I appreciate the review. For me, Glory has less lasting power than albums like ITZ and BO. Nothing really stands out to me, although I really tried to like it.
  15. I hope that the Missy Elliot break is cut before the show ends. It was cute for like 3 shows before it became a waste of time.
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