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  1. Womanizer TV promo TTWE and S&S on the radio all the time Work B*tch (end of) summer release Great memories.
  2. Don't. The other fanbases already think we're angry & hysterical. Don't feed the wolves.
  3. I agree, but the issue is that she's 36, so an "edgy" look can look like she's trying hard to stay relevant in this ocean of pop kids. If she wants to be taken seriously, she needs to glam it up.
  4. And what do you believe in? That Britney will never release a lead single again? I can't understand this satisfaction of making fun of people that believes in something. So f***ed up.
  5. Interesting read: https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/8427967/billboard-changes-streaming-weighting-hot-100-billboard-200 Beginning with the first week of Nielsen’s third quarter of 2018 (sales and streaming week of June 29 to July 5, which will be reflected on Billboard charts dated July 14), plays on paid subscription-based services (such as Apple Music and Amazon Music) or on the paid subscription tiers of hybrid paid/ad-supported platforms (such as Spotify and SoundCloud) will be given more weight in chart calculations than plays on ad-supported services (such as YouTube) or on the non-paid tiers of hybrid paid/ad-supported services. The Billboard 200 will now include two tiers of on-demand audio streams. TIER 1: paid subscription audio streams (equating 1,250 streams to 1 album unit) and TIER 2: ad-supported audio streams (equating 3,750 streams to 1 album unit). It doesn't seem like a big change, but it is. Artists that have a very young fan base will now possibly chart lower. And legacy acts will chart better.
  6. What’s happening with Exhell ? Seriously, it’s so negative in here rn. All i can read here is people moaning (“expect nothing”), judging people over “meltdowns”, wanting to "cancel" insiders or being aggressively impatient. Chill, guys Can we just let people be hyped? I’m really hoping something will happen tomorrow. Call me “delusional", i call it hope. If nothing’s happening and there isn’t any single tomorrow, my life will not be falling apart. And i will wait next week, month, year. If Britney taught us one thing, is to... wait & see. If people want to believe, let them ffs.
  7. I agree. But i think RCA is thinking about their artists catalogue, and the last thing they want, is direct chart comparison between 2 of their "rival" artists. That's why they might want to space the releases...
  8. Britfan. I don't care about flops, i care about music. (The fact Glory charted poorly did not stop me from loving it.) What i want is new material soon.... But that's the label's decision.
  9. Bionic was released in June 2010 (RCA) / Femme Fatale in March 2011 (Jive) Lotus - nov 2012 (RCA) / Britney Jean - nov 2013 (RCA) NOTHING. / Glory - August 2016 (RCA) Liberation in June 2018 / ??? This past decade, Christina and Britney never released an album the same year... That's what I am saying.
  10. Single or B10, nothing's been confirmed for Britney... YET. We heard numerous rumors from different sources about new material that would be released around this summer (or early fall). And when there's smoke, there's fire. I have nothing against Christina Aguilera (just not a fan...) but since she and Britney are both with RCA, the label will NEVER put the 2 artists in competition. Xtina 's album is out on 15th June, and another single will quickly be released, 2018ney seems now less and less likely... Do you think Britney's new music is being delayed because of Xtina's era? I'm worried...
  11. Pitchfork's review: Christina Aguilera is reconstructing her sound for her first album in nearly six years, Liberation. Her comeback single, “Accelerate,” a collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign and 2 Chainz, is certainly a liberation from something, though it’s unclear what—if not conventional songcraft, then perhaps the formulaic chaff of her last few albums. It’s also produced by Kanye West, in a time when Kanye is making the worst decisions of his career. Aguilera probably has mixed feelings about that, but pop artifice is reliant on getting people to pay attention. And if “Accelerate” is one thing, it’s certainly attention-grabbing. There’s a fun song (or two) trapped in here somewhere, between several mutations, but without any sort of constancy or meaningful direction, it isn’t much of a song at all; it’s a series of disjointed episodes with superfluous parts. Unlike the majority of songs on 2012’s Lotus, which were unadventurous and uncomplicated power pop, “Accelerate” is unduly busy, sometimes even spasmodic in its progressions. The opening production invokes the scene in Kanye’s Runaway where he messes around with his MPC drum pad, as a winged Selita Ebanks convulses to the rhythm. It arbitrarily erupts into synths before breaking down into a percussive chug; the programmed glitchy vocal samples and add-ons are meant to be ornamental but they comes off as excessive. The performers all move curiously, if not dutifully, upon the stage Kanye has set forth, yet they seem to be looking around at each other for cues. It’s confounding that a song with this much talent doesn’t seem to know what to do with any of it. “Accelerate,” like so many of Xtina’s songs, seems to misunderstand what is great about her: those pipes, capable of weapons-grade vocal runs set to vaporize. She should be wrapping her golden throat around something like Demi Lovato’s operatic “Sorry Not Sorry.” In “Accelerate,” she offers blasé, understated croons at odds with her chatty lyrics about partying and being ‘bout that life. “f**k all these drugs, f**k all these clubs/What’s wrong with me?” Ty blurts out randomly, going off message like a robot host suddenly becoming self-aware mid narrative. Even the 2 Chainz verse is innocuous, a set of bottom-tier stunt raps about having a sex drive like Nascar and whatnot. He raps the words “Don’t forget the hashtag” and “You ain’t got internet?” as if to stoke online discourse. It’s sort of fitting that “Accelerate” is the sonic equivalent of expanding tweets to 280 characters; unnecessarily mixing and inflating ideas when far less would do.
  12. I agree but she can definitely work the Kenzo style. It suits her, she can pull it off.
  13. @Oliver T @jokobitchHover the avatar, click on "Ignore user" & adios trolls
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