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  1. Thanks boo 💚😙 At least the gp is loving it. The YouTube comments are everything I would’ve loved to see here.
  2. So much hate!.... Even I acknowledged that this song has no real chorus and could seriously benefit from what but HOLYYYYY **** This music video had me in tears! I guess I'm just grateful for my perspective and my experience of it. The joy, the energy, the dancing, the INSANE visuals! I also listened to the Zane Lowe interview in it's entirety, so I'm also aware of the backstory, and how all of this came to fruition. This video documents the journey perfectly. It's pretty profound. And it's so ******* good to see two main pop girls dancing together, laughing together, crying together, singing about celebrating and transmuting their pain, embracing their circumstances and giving thanks for life. BEAUTIFUL stuff! And someone said this video wasn't "expensive"?? I can't. This is a 10/10 for me tbh Period.
  3. I dig it. She really went full house. I kind of love that she's bringing this sound back and completely disregarding minimalist trends. She's definitely not alone in that. Dua Lipa is all over it with Future Nostalgia, but she's leaning more into Funk, while Gaga is leaning more into House/Electronic. That being said, I'm noticing a pattern here with the Chromatica output. WHERE IS THE CHORUS? Gaga is known for crafting MASSIVE, melodic, unforgettable choruses. Stupid Love had no real chorus. It's the same story here. That's fine with me to a point, but I think that's partly to do with why these songs feel strange for so many fans. Almost like they're a bit empty. Like all the ingredients are there, we've got Gaga, the big-budget production, fashion, theatrics, visuals, etc. But something is missing. I'm in no way writing off Chromatica, and who knows, maybe it's packed with stellar hooks AND choruses and we just haven't heard it yet. I guess we'll find out.
  4. I’m genuinely surprised by all of the negativity. Aloha, btw. It’s been years since I commented or posted! Side note: I’m really loving and appreciating the evolution of breatheheavy/exhale. You’re onto something really special Jordan. ☺️ Anyway, I’ve been unbelievably stoked for the new Gaga record. I’ve been feeling very nostalgic too, so a dance record is perfect. I also really, really enjoyed Stupid Love and it’s been a solid grower for me. It reminds me of Applause in that way. When I heard Applause for the first time, I was left wanting more/unimpressed. Now I listen to that song and I think it’s such a fantastic pop record. It glistens. Gaga is not ugly, and she certainly isn’t over. I’m beyond grateful for what she chooses to share with world, and her commitment to creating entire sonic and visual worlds for her fans to explore.
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