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  1. She has ehler danlos syndrome since last year, a disease that won’t let her have full control of her vocal chords anymore 😓 source: https://www.healthline.com/health-news/sia-has-rare-chronic-condition
  2. I don’t know if ap, but have anyone noticed that she’s making fun of “being crazy” on all things related to her announcement? first the actual appearance on ellen: she used the “inception” joke of an announcement within the announcement. then, she uploaded an instagram video standing on a table and she used the phrase “I’m getting a little coo coo...” and to finish, she posted a video dancing with a guy where at the end she said “Ok that’s enough, I’m scared” some people think that she’s just out of her mind or Britney being britney, but I think she’s doing it on purpose, don’t know if it is related to what she has to announce or if it’s just to make people talk more about it. What you guys think?
  3. Ok, so why nobody ever talks about how good “The Hook Up” is... If she released this single today. It would’ve smashed the charts, even in Latin America with the urban music wave we’re currently on. https://youtu.be/4RWeZVdj4Pw I need The Hook Up 2.0
  4. Even the lip fillers aren’t the problem, is a combination of things, her brows are not shaped as she used to, her brow makeup is lighter lately, whenever she has them more brown, she looks better. The thing with her smile is just the botox around it, she’s a smoker so she’s more prone to get lots of wrinkles around her mouth. I get botox on the corners and the middle of my top lip to control my gummy smile so whenever I smile, my lip stays almost still so it doesn’t go far up, that’s why she looks like her smile is forced as she’s not able to move it that much. Anyways, it’s her body, her face and we should just accept that she’s happy just the way she is, we should be grateful that she’s still working and succeeding in what she wants, our role with her as an artist is to support her or not, not bash her for whatever little thing she does
  5. Everyone that misses that face, please remember she looked that way because she was overweight, once she got fit again, her face slimmed down a lot too, just accept what she is today and that she can look amazing if she wants to
  6. Name a few positive moments or things that Britney has made the last few years including 2017. The Army has been constantly focusing on the bad that they miss the good, so let’s remind it to all of us... mine are these: *Billboard medley performance *Apple music festival *iheartradio *her promo on london during glory release *her attitude and being more open during interviews *that even if people don’t like it, she’s aging and doing what makes her happy *that she’s still working on music and pushing through her anxiety and problems *that we still have a britney and that she’s sang more this year than almost all of her peak There are many more that I probably forgot but it’s your turn...
  7. She could sing something like “the world is not enough” from garbage, I’m sure they could find a way to make it work
  8. I agree, it would be awesome if she could deliver a new sound or try something more adventurous
  9. Sorry if AP but... I really think Fergie's song "Tension" really sounds like something meant for Britney... I would've loved if Britney had recorded this as a single, even if it reminds me a bit of Everybody from Blackout. Anyways, I love what Fergie did with it, it really shows britney's influence in pop.
  10. Armney has been there since the beginning, the iconic heart with her arms in oops I did it again or in here Most of the choreo in here is with her arms
  11. I agree totally with what you're saying, it's crazy how media is so fast to compare things without taking in account the whole situation, I think they just saw that picture with the sweater and a bald Cara and it's strikingly similar to some of britney's photos, I even clicked on one of the thumbnails in my instagram explore section thinking it was an old picture of britney.
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