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    exhale Britney's 1st Rolling Stone Cover in 1999

    The music video is what kicked off the teen pop movement for that MTV era. But without the song BOMT, that video would not have been huge. In 1998 and the beginning of 1999, most people thought the person singing BOMT was a black girl and the song had already hit #1. It easy say that Britney did interviews on MTV in 1998 and the early part of 1999 but TRL didn't really start becoming HUGE near the spring of 1999. Personally, I didn't see the BOMT video after the song went #1 and had friends describe to me what the video looked like. BOMT was already a hit song without everyone seeing the music video. The music video was just something that made people even more interested and obsessed with Britney Spears.
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    exhale Britney's 1st Rolling Stone Cover in 1999

    I think the main thing that made BOMT and 16/17 year old Britney scandalous was the music and how EVERYONE liked it. Had she released a crappy song and did everything else, I doubt she would have gotten nearly as much attention. But the song BOMT was so captivating that it made people want to watch the music video, it made people care that a 16/ 17 year old girl was singing this song that they loved. After that, it was up to Britney hold their interest and she did a damn good job at ... still is. If any artist was given BOMT and sounded as entertaining as Britney does on the song, I'm sure they would've had a hit record too and people would've tuned into them to see if the artist was just as entertaining. It could even happen today. For me, "Love Story" is what started the ball rolling for Taylor Swift into what she has become. Without "Love Story", I don't see Taylor Swift being given the opportunity to become HUGE.