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  1. dunno but it sure is entertaining also it is starting to sound like a hate-f-u-c-k p-o-rn story so I'm all for it
  2. must be hard seeing Slave 4 U instead of Overprotected remix
  3. My seasonal queen She is well-known, just not in US. There are periods of 2-3 months that I bop only to Kylie's music than I forget her existence till the next period Her Aphrodite Tour is everything a gay needs, so magical Get Outta My Way is my fav atm tho my fav changes every season
  4. The iconic choreo The iconic thong over the pants The iconic wet hair The iconic bathhouse set The iconic silhouette scenes in front of the empty 2L pepsi bottles
  5. Overprotected is cute but cute next to gorgeous, you know gorgeous is gonna devour cute You didn't have to pick it sis, don't let @Blackout2006 and @Towelney threaten you through dms into picking the wrong ones, they are lost souls
  6. yet you managed to pick the wrong choices for both
  7. i always thought the death threats celebs were getting was more like "i'll stalk you and kill you" type of thing. it actually being a "go kill yourself" is relieving to me, that's not really a threat after all. It's less creepy and easier to shake off imo but still horrible ofc. i dont know why i'm saying this but hey i still think twitter should get cancelled or at least have a strict policy to stop these ******* teens from going off, they have no idea being a fan really is. stanning this hard and blindly, i'll never understand they probably believe Black Madonna locked Dua into a basement and remixed it, released it before Dua could even approve, that's the only explanation. DUA RELEASED IT HERLSEF WHICH MEANS SHE LIKED IT, DUMMIES
  8. THIS. I feel kinda bummed enjoying Sometimes ever since just because of this. Yes my opinion don't have to match the artist's but still the idea of them hating their work that I very much enjoy is always somewhere there in my head.
  9. This girl... can she stop ruining the experience for her fans I deeply enjoy Malibu and Younger Now (more than her Bangerz era), now all I'm gonna think about is her trashing the era. Should I even bother stanning her disco era, 2 years laters she's gonna say "I was affected by how everyone was going disco in 2k20 and that's why i did it, it's not really me."
  10. 1 - 365 bc it's so UNDERRATED 2 - Swish Swish (pretending i didnt see the music video nor the performances for this bop) 3 - Unconditionally 4 - Harleys In Hawaii 5 - Bon Appetite also I dont blame the media completely for her flop status, her post-prism discography and attitude didn't help her either
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