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  1. The Honest Vocal Coach Epicurious (their 4 Levels Of....series is great and so much fun! We stan Emily and Lorenzo!) Binging With Babish
  2. Sidenote: When was the last time we saw Britney get a Starbucks? She used to go there on the regular getting a Venti Frap, but I feel like it's been at least 2 years since we've seen her walk to her car with one.
  3. Guys, is it just me that notices she's not wearing a headset microphone, or at least not the typical headset mic that she normally uses? You can see a battery pack attached to her panties(?!) and possibly some kind of tiny mic that only reaches her cheekbone , but it looks to be hidden in her hair. Can someone explain this to me? Is she blatantly acknowledging that she lipsyncs most of her performances?
  4. This is my first ever post on BH! I've been here since very late 2006 when Brinny came back looking fire and recording music for Blackout, but then also starting going out every night and.....well yeah, the rest is history. Thanks for making me sign up @JordanMiller. The site is great!
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