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  1. hleeeee

    How tall are you?

    not as tall as I want to be secretly doing stretches everyday to see if I can gain a little more height...but I'm also turning 23 this year
  2. Yikes I'm turning 23 this year
  3. lol a little worried about potential xenophobia in the UK especially after COVID but alright
  4. I've been reporting some of those comments for bullying so should y'all
  5. The negativity of some of the comments on her insta... I hate people
  6. I don't understand the hype for Invitation on Glory I skip it every time I thought Criminal was amazing and voted for it in the official poll thinking that she would perform it "live" because it was a slower song I don't like Hold it Against Me OR the video for it I love the song Perfume a lot Britney was not in my top 5 Spotify artists last year...my #1 was Rihanna
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