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  1. The scene where she has the tubes on her back with water spraying out....I totally thought that was just a CGI shot. It's a really cool thing. I feel like it gets lost in the video. But I miss behind the scenes videos. I love watching artists make the video!
  2. I hate that I even know who this person is. Let alone the amount of times I've had to hear about him in the past year.
  3. I agree that maybe Disney+ wasn't the best platform for it. BUT also the advertisement hardly let it known that it was a visual album of the Lion King music and story. So it kind of just looked like a film celebrating black culture which (unfortunately) I don't think a lot of white families' would be jumping to watch unless they have been open to and progressively educating themselves on black culture in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movements. If that makes sense...
  4. I like Camila and I think she's talented. BUT she is at a crossroads. This album is going to have a lot of pressure on it. I think she needs to strip back the music to how chilled out her first album was. ALSO don't try to jump to stadium tours. Chill out girl, you're not that big.
  5. I always LOVED her song "Lil Miss Obsessive" Such a good song. She had some good music. But it was so that time frame. If the SNL Hoedown never happened, I wonder if she'd still have a career? I don't think she had longevity material but still could have gone on a bit.
  6. I am not normally a remix fan but I'm sure this is going to be pretty good. I am happy she's not doing a "Side B" and taking that from Carly. We'll see how this goes.
  7. I NEVER watch this video. I replay all of em except this one. Can't watch it. The acting in the beginning, the horrible concept....its so cringe to me. She looks beautiful but other than that its a huge no. Could've picked a better first single but I still love the song. But for the first single to be a slower jam, the video needed to be sensational...and it was not.
  8. He cute but this gay pandering is a little desperate to me. Haven’t seen someone trying this hard since Nick Jonas
  9. hi love...nice to meet you. i'm trying to do better!
  10. Mine is gone already. I buzzed it. It was nice at the time haha Quarantine got me
  11. I feel like its already faded from our consciousness. I don't think its a strong enough album to last longer than what it has. Besides Alice or a proper video for Sour Candy I don't think this album has many legs to stand on. Sorry
  12. The first one that was made by a fan is the best one in my opinion.
  13. I had the same problem! But got it now That's me!
  14. Christina had the chart success as in length & height. Plus the Grammy. BUT obviously Britney had the bigger sales numbers. Plus if you're talking about "iconic" then obviously Britney. Britney's videos, performances & magazine covers are more iconic and remembered. So yes Christina might of had multiple #1's and the Grammy but Britney still won in all the categories in the long run.
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