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  1. I personally prefer 5H's music more but there's no denying PCD had a lot of HUGE songs. A lot considering they only had 2 albums. I initially thought of comparing Danity Kane to PCD too but again PCD had way bigger songs. Danity Kane had two #1 albums and yet was still not that big. Its weird haha
  2. Probably the Future Nostalgia Acoustic Album Levitating (feat Tracy Chapman) as the lead single
  3. I loved 5H. The last album deserved way more love than it got. but this video makes me laugh. She said her rock bottom was one night she got blackout drunk cause she was sad & her manager had a talk with her? girl Makes me sound like an alcoholic the amount of times I’ve been blackout from sadness! She’s sweet & super innocent. Bless honey lol
  4. It's a strange video to me...weird single choice still. But the scene in the black she looks so stunning! Also I feel like putting your significant other is a kiss of death. This video, My Prerogative....so far Slumber Party is the exemption. Time will tell.
  5. I like it. Just overrated in my opinion. other songs in his catalogue are wayyy better
  6. Lovestoned and Mirrors are my 2 favorite JT singles but Lovestoned gets my vote because the "I think that she knows" breakdown is so epic and I love it so much! SexyBack is the obvious big radio single and what public would pick but not for me. I think its annoying haha
  7. She’s talented. But is hit or miss with her songs. but mostly I just don’t find her likeable anymore. Kind of over her
  8. I just find it funny her saying "I don't care if my career is over because of this!" girl not one of you five previous songs this year has taken off sooooooooo
  9. Just finished it. It’s cute. They talk a lot about how hard the training camps were & the amount of work they do which was more candid then I expected. I cannot believe the amount of years and work they put in at these camps. But I loved that they had videos of their auditions & showcases from that time. but obviously the documentary is planned so I just wonder how happy they actually are in it. I hope they are. They seem happy & grateful in the doc so hopefully they are being treated fairly & not just work horses. They are all so cute & I liked seeing them individually. I hope they keep goin!
  10. Nah I want it to be close to Thank U, Next thats her most cohesive album & I feel like she’s finally found her sound. But we’ll see. my only worry is that she had JUST finished that cycle. She’s had “Stuck with Me” & “Rain on me”. She hasn’t really been away. I hope she doesn’t become overexposed. I mean nowadays ppl consume music faster but again we’ll see.
  11. Not my favorite song (still up there) but the video is in my top 10! Love it so much! its such a shame we never got a live performance with both of them doin it! That would’ve been epic
  12. Agreed. Premature plus I think only Harmonizers will be actually interested and we've seen how they do with single/album sales so we'll see how it goes. But I wish the best for her.
  13. I don't feel like this is helping her case. Ohh Brit Brit baby girl no!
  14. https://stylecaster.com/ally-brooke-finding-your-harmony/?utm_source=hsrd.yahoo.com&utm_medium=syndication&utm_campaign=feed Ally Brooke did this interview about her upcoming memoir and it had some interesting things said here. First it doesn't sound like the book is going to really give us answers into behind the scenes drama. It even says she doesn't mention Camila by name. But it does say: " She also revealed that the band’s management gave Fifth Harmony’s remaining four members—Ally, Normani, Lauren and Dinah Jane—names of other “well-known young artists and celebrities” who could possibly join the group. “There were several different options and routes we could’ve taken. There were a lot of different ideas floating around,” Ally says. “But the four of us decided, ‘Hey. We think it would be odd to all of a sudden bring someone.’ The four of us have a history, and we know what we went through together. We know our journey. We know each other. We felt like there was no question that we should continue on as we were.” Though Fifth Harmony went on as a foursome, Ally admits that one singer her management suggested piqued her interest. “I don’t know if I can share, but one would’ve been really cool,” Ally says. “She’s at the top now, and everybody loves her. I love her. That wasn’t what we felt like would be right for our group, even though we love this other singer, and she’s awesome. She probably wouldn’t have accepted anyways because she probably would’ve said the same thing, like, ‘I don’t know if I should step in here.’ And her career is already blowing up.” I wonder who it could be? Only people I could think of would be Billie (but I can't see her in a girl group), Rosalia, or someone like Hailee Steinfeld (but she's not at the "top"). Who do yall think? Anyone looking forward to a positive look at Ally Brooke's life?
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