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  1. Nooooo! I’m too late to see the video! 😩😩😩
  2. Sadly I really feel like he’s guaranteed 4 more years with Biden representing democrats. Biden is a terrible human with dementia- he’s not going to be able to derail Trump’s momentum.
  3. Imagine she films a simple music video on her iPhone at her home. What else does she need?! A cross between what she did for “Breathe On Me” and “Lose You to Love Me” and also while I’m on Selena- imagine they remix Mood Ring and add Selena to the second verse!
  4. Yessss! I turn to you was so good! Can you tell Ginger was my favorite?! Haha
  5. Hoku!!! Willa Ford, Anastasia, M2M, b*witched, and if you’re in America, you might’ve missed the awesomeness that is Geri Halliwell’s solo career! Look at Me is a late 90’s anthem!
  6. Jackie is an awesome album!
  7. Never Really Over-Katy Perry Only U- Ashanti (the song and video are monstrous and yet the song didn’t explode) Ciara songs after a certain point- but she stays so consistently amazing Jojo!!!! Mad Love is a perfect album and her new album is amazing! this was a really well put together post- the original one, not mine.
  8. It’s not fashion forward but it’s fun and definitely of the time. I love that about Britney’s fashion- some of it is like wtf but it’s undeniably her. Although I think she is a little stuck in the early 2000’s now... 😬
  9. This was my first concert ever! I saw her at Jones Beach. I think she was originally supposed to do two shows but they added two more because the shows sold out so quickly. My parents let me get tickets to see her 3 of the 4 nights she played there. This tour has a special place in my heart because it’s very nostalgic but she really brought the energy and the intensity to every show. It’s a great introduction into what a pop show should be. But she really stepped up her game with the DWAD tour.
  10. Kind of related- is it Lou posting all the god stuff from Britney’s Instagram? I know Britney has gone to church and stuff but she never spoke on god so much. Could be alienating for a gay fan base, no? Isn’t it best to leave politics and religion out of conversation- she certainly doesn’t talk about Trump- why so many god posts?
  11. I’ve read that in the States it was the blond pop stars but overseas it was Britney, Christina and Pink. And when you think about it, Pink was big enough internationally to do a Pepsi commercial with Britney and Beyoncé so it seems legit.
  12. I looooove Jojo! Mad Love is still on heavy rotation in my life. Small Things is my favorite track on this album. But everything is great! Jojo is so consistent with her work- you can always count on her to deliver.
  13. It is possible that I live under a rock or I’m too old- but who is Nazanin Mandi Pimental? She has a picture with her and Miguel and in the background is a Britney POM photo- what’s the connection? Random? I don’t know how to insert the photo or delete the post. Sorry.
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