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  1. falka

    news Britney And Sam Did Not Break Up

    Picture in your avatar doesn't open for me, so that's like salt in mah eye everytime U post sth
  2. falka

    other How Iconic Is TRL 2003 Promo Performance?

    How U missed BOYS?
  3. that's the tea She's sippin on life after successful petition no more cute arrangement, girly stuff is ovah bread and water should be enough when U doing time with Britney
  4. I just feel like this time Britney pull herself out in last moment
  5. falka

    other Is Beyonce pregnant?

    Picture doesn't open for me One of few reasons I have softer heart for Beyonce is the fact that her husband found Riri and it's also the reason it baffles me that Bey sees/presents herself as a queen.
  6. Are you in? Livin' in sin is the new thing (yeah)
  7. Huge chance to become Freakshow dancer Hope it's again marvelous Exhaler
  8. falka

    tour Britney’s latest Meet & Greet pics

    She used to had one model of outfit with several colours. Those dresses infuriated folks. Some weirdos are protesting that She didn't give them exactly same sh!t She did give other person. That can lead to interesting situation. She freeazed in one pose and outfit just to please everyone the same.
  9. falka

    tour Britney’s latest Meet & Greet pics

    Don't worry next time fans be greeted with opportunity for two pictures. One pic with lovely lady Miss Brit Brit and another with her iconic coat draped on mannequin. Her fan deserve planty attention and various tricks.
  10. falka

    socialney New Promo Pic Of Britney!

    Yup kinda, imagine that over Your bed. Britney is watching U in sleep In that lately leaked picture for My prerogative Britney look like Tana Mongeau for me
  11. falka

    socialney New Promo Pic Of Britney!

    Looks sad and disconnected, opposite of "stage" Britney, still pretty tho
  12. If there were enamel pins with logo it could be neat and cool and faded after Pony's tour This reminded me that camel Joe was a mascot from cigarettes commercial