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  1. well that first girl is very pretty at least Haven't seen even one non-embarrassing thing from TikTok yet, but that feeling probably is mutual.
  2. Aww, so much cuteness nothing wrong with that sound
  3. I remember it vaguely, She cancels some appearance in last moment, said that doctor convinced her to stay home, it was very skinny needle like moment, back then seemed a bit unreal, but it's her unleashed personality https://www.instagram.com/p/BAOVpbpm8B4/?utm_source=ig_embed I think exchange was around that topic
  4. I thought it's a public toilet, I guess artsy fartsy found home
  5. He can't sit with Sugarfall remix I'm considering withdrawal of mah like
  6. I love it, but what happened in glory theme ?
  7. Vogue & 73 questions weirdly resembles lipstick of Jaclyn Hill
  8. I guess she never heard instrumental Brightest Morning Star Cuz that's really disgustingly sweet.
  9. I was interested in Britney version for real Feels like Camila is odd choice for it anyway, looking good as a blond tho.
  10. I believe Britney is quite naughty herself btw What that self absorbed model is doing now?
  11. I know not everyone will like me,...but this is who I am so if you don't like it, tough! Looks like quote from some random hater
  12. Cheaper version just for girls half the notes, but naked bottle seems fair.
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