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  1. Mmm papi definitely creeps me out the more I hear about her father issues. Like it's just a cringe song. Why is everyone hating on Anticipating ... and I saw a dislike for Bombastic Love...blasphemy! Those tracks are perfect.
  2. Look you're making this into a personal issue. I don't hate anyone here for buying or listening or whatever. But this is a Britney forum that I joined because I love Britney and for 12 years Ive been completely appalled by her conservatorship. I'm appalled anyone can think about buying her brand right now. Whether you think it doesn't help or not it's the one thing we can do for her. Not against her music or her artistry but for her freedom and her as a person. I don't want to see her milked for the rest of her life. She has had no heart for her music forever and I don't exactly believe she was totally into glory, either because her team squashed whatever she did enjoy or she was never into it tho begin with... so why support every milked drop? You call us circle jerking but you guys are literally saying youre going to support all the releases because you want to make the free britney people angry. Like come on.. that's a circle jerk. I want what's best for britney not her music atm because I see what they're doing to her and i can't make excuses. But it's kinda gross to see everyone justifying it. Buy it but you know what you're doing. If that makes you feel powerful then you're no better than Jamie. Sorry to anyone ive offended though.
  3. It's useless to talk to people who think they're such bad *****es and sticking it to us lol because they don't give a flying **** about Britney the human. One person in particular said they're more willing to buy it just to make people upset. Stupid, we're not upset because you're buying it, we're upset because Britney is being ****ed by everyone around her because of her money and you want to feed into it. You're not sticking it to anyone but Britney. Let me put it this way, my life hasn't been put on an indefinite halt for 12 years where i'm not allowed to make choices for myself, where i'm not allowed to have children if I wish, where i'm not allowed to see friends or go get a starbucks... my life isn't being ruined because some jackass on exhale needs to get a vinyl he'll never listen to but hang on his wall... my life isn't being affected. Britney's sure is. So if you think not buying it makes you a fake fan and that you're just absolutely ruining my day because you bought 10 copies of the recycled songs... the joke is really on you. It's not doing anything to me. And I sure feel sorry that so many people don't view Britney as a human being. That life must really ******* suck.
  4. I guess we shouldn't care what Jamie does to Britney then. Live and let live eh? Also i'm not going to be listening. I have a CD player and old CDs. I'm fine waiting for her to be free and not a work horse to her father OR her exploitive label. Do whatever you want but people just don't care when it's something that benefits their own wants just like you guys who are willing to shill out for a vinyl that came out at an inappropriate time. I'm not sure this argument where if you're telling others they should boycott they are being hypocritical automatically. I'm not interested in listening. I'm sure there's plenty of others that can wait. Pay for it when she's free... I mean it's music is it going to disappear?
  5. Team Britney/label: demonstrates they don't need Britney to sell her products. Britney "fans": yaaas queen this is totally acceptable and ok and no money goes to the bad people!! You called her a racehorse but it's fine since she didn't mean she didn't want to stop recording! Team Britney+label knowing they don't need the living human to create money for themselves. Enjoy the message you are sending them since having your music, fragrances, vinyls, etc are all worth more to you than her actual life and freedom. Whether her team gets a cut or not someone is cashing in on her and they will continue to because they can.
  6. Stop being obtuse. Some of you guys are disgusting trying to justify it with "she refuses to work but her old recordings dont fit under that umbrella because she didn't specifically [email protected]" So when her team kills her like Michael Jackson they know you awful fans will rush out and buy up her old recordings. I mean they might as well because you will buy it and that's the only way they'll be making money off this racehorse that won't work any more for them. Think about the message you are sending. And if you think i'm being dramatic Britney herself is scared. Her entire life since 2008 has been treated like a creepy mafia organization. People aren't allowed to look at her if she crosses them in a hall. MJ was killed. You think with those TMZ threats that it's not possible? Well don't worry they'll release so much more for you pigs to feast on when she's dead. They know you'll buy into it now.
  7. Omg lol that's all any of you can come up with, a blow towards my username. ***** bye! Continue putting money in Jamie's hands because you are selfish and clearly only think of yourself and how clever you think you are on some fansite- yeah you sure showed me and anyone else who doesn't believe in feeding her abusers. Wow look how cool you are. Totally edgy. I don't need to defend my user name I made years ago because I enjoy both artists and the era they were together to have an opinion on people cashing in on the cash grabs of corrupt team B.
  8. If you want to treat Britney as a racehorse while she's trying to keep her father from making money that should be hers that's on you bby. I quite frankly can't stomach the thought of spending any money on something benefiting people who scare her and abuse her. Just saying.
  9. It wasn't rebellion. It was her mind not being there and her heart not in it. She had a lot going on, who could blame her? But all this rebellion stuff sounds hella childish, like when people theorize her insta is all trolling and rebellion. It never makes sense. Nobody wants to fail on stage. She self sabotaged herself for sure but not to rebel. It was likely more her trying to cope.
  10. After Lou resigns like she did and now this right after... Penny would be extremely stupid to not see any connections or corruption. Come on. She better not let them seal it.
  11. You should find it extremely shocking as she doesn't have a single say about her finances. Only her father does.
  12. But she is not a legacy. She is a human. Legacy= product here. I haven't spoken to Britney, i'm using my head and observing how she's treated her career for the last 12 years, how she's been used and abused and how she is clearly over it all because she refuses to work. How can you say that it's fine to assume she's ok with everything when you have no idea either? At least i'm going from facts we've seen. She's refusing to work. That's a fact. A cold hard fact. Why would she be refusing to work? Is it because she feels like there's no point to make money for her handlers when she sees barely any? Would it be because she can't see her sons or have any personal freedom? Hmm..I wouldn't go completely opposite of what she's showing us by excusing the cash grabs. That seems counterintuitive. As fans we need to put our love for her music aside and realize she is like any of us. A living breathing person who deserves her freedom and rights. The human needs to come before the product. Imagine yourself in that situation. Seriously imagine your family locki ng you away. Giving you a small stipend of your own hard earned money. You can no longer see your kids. You can't go anywhere unless approved. You're under thousands of record label obligations that your team has signed for you and has decided for you. Are you telling me without a doubt you'd care at all about your legacy with all the stress of everything going on against you? Seriously? That's not a priority here.
  13. Sorry but she doesn't control her money. Her father and team would have to be okay with this in the first place. If this is true she probably doesn't know. This is gross and there's no excuse for it. She shouldn't be a sugar mama to some guy to be with her. Think about that. Think about the implications of that. Not to mention how much more of her money he gets for himself than she does. This whole thing can **** off if true.
  14. This is where it all makes sense now. An NDA isn't keeping him silent. He's an accomplice because he's getting paid a large amount. That's why he pretended to be with her for Valentine's day when she was locked up. And that's why it's her longest relationship. . He's just been working this "job" for years with hella pay. Why would he leave?
  15. He's obviously not a real chef, they can't put "hired ******" on paper without it looking weird. That's if this is true.
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