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  1. Clearly. You must not be able to comprehend or digest anything negative about your precious Sam obsession either. Shows why you still like him. enjoy your day pickles.
  2. "But he has a nice big D and is HOT of course he likes her, leave him alone even though he participated in her lock up and lied to the public multiple times about different things including Britney, even though he's so desperate to be famous, even though media has told us he's approved of by Jamie and even close with him! Even though he's still approved to be with Britney after his little 'I'm not the one you should be canceling'. Leave him alone he makes her happy, you jealous obsessed hater. Haters need to grow up. Omg thaaaaaat D tho. Give me that cawwwwk beefy fitness KiNg" - every Sam Stan on exhale.
  3. It's not a conspiracy theory. People don't like him based on his behavior, displaying his hunger for fame, for participating in her lock up. Gtfo we dont know anything about him. He puts himself all over the internet for us. At the same time you don't actually know Britney but you can base an opinion in her, but ok. Not liking someone based on things they've done is totally way out of line lol ok. Sure, Jan. I made my account years ago, but you'd have known if you checked on it. And still enjoy both artists and that era so go off I guess. Makes me "obsessed" but you can obsess on a guy's D you don't know and claim he's a good guy while not allowing differing opinion. Maybe you're just jealous lol.
  4. That's probably why her captions are written so weird, they're copy pasting from another format? But I still believe they're writing some of them or manipulating captions to make her seem unstable.
  5. Yeah because Sam is too busy obsessing about his body and goals to take notice.
  6. Honestly after the first few awards i think anyone of Britney's caliber is bound to lose track. As a fan it's different but in the position she's still an ordinary person who is living a real life, and you're not going to remember every event or accolade, it's all going to blur together at some point. She's been through a lot in her life already so I'm sure her thoughts have been on things that have happened to her, her family and daily worries, not so much the stuff she's done in her career.
  7. Nobody is jealous of Sam omg that's such an immature response. People have already listed dozens of reasons why they don't like him. Get over it. It's not because he's her boyfriend. Maybe go back up the thread and see the reasons????
  8. Lol omg yes and Britney was in her absolute prime too. "You think it's impossible for Kevin to actually be in love with our girl? She's gorgeous and amazing". Welp. Now he collects his checks, has Britney's two sons to himself with his new wife basically and Britney sits alone in her mansion. Yeah the Scam hate sure it's pathetic lol. This could be the future of Sam. He's got the Kfed vibes imo. And if i'm wrong I'll be proven wrong. But I wasn't proven wrong with Kevin. And man did he **** things up. Should I have liked him just because he made her smile and they had good ***?
  9. Omg same. I ****ed a friend from work in May but it isn't happening again I'm so frustrated!
  10. God i hate the censoring on exhale. I'm constantly stroking out trying to figure out what's behind the asterisks. Did you mean s.e.x beatings? Lol what did you meaaaaan?? what else could be 3 letters long? Who is having s.ex beatings??? Edit: omg it was a $ $ beatings wasn't it??
  11. Absolutely. Everyone who can make it and participates is amazing!! And yes we need it more focused on the investigation because people who can't be there won't be able to read the signs. We need people to hear what's going on even if it's just small sentences about it because it could inspire them to go research more.
  12. I can't make it to california but can you guys chant like just "free britney" or "free britney now"? The whole "what do we want? When do we want it" kind of sounds cringey. Sorry. This shouldn't be about what we want anyway. You could be chanting : "free britney" "the conservatorship is fraudulent " "lou and jamie are committing fraud" "britney does not have dementia" "Kevin makes more money than Britney!" The media will pick up those chants better than just over and over "whaaat do we want????". This is about Britney and the crimes being committed. Not what we as fans want. And that's where they're going to get us in media articles: "Britney fans are insane! She's going to hurt herself if free!" Instead of having to respond to the actual accusations. Please consider this!!!
  13. She's saying **** you to the public, the very same public that she's suppsedly crying out for help to? well that's rude of her.
  14. You guys that love him because he's hot is reductive too. That's the main comments about Sam around here.
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