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  1. I think she should worth $600 million, that’s the amount that Lou (allegedly) laundered to her Tri Star company. That and all the legal fees over the year to keep the (allegedly) corrupt conservatorship to stand all these years. I mean she doesn’t really spend much, she’s happy with Starbucks and Target clothes. She doesn’t really wear designer all the time anyway. I’m not sure if she had a Birkin even.
  2. The way they are painting Britney in bad light, speed up her voice, and all her awkward pose, felt like it was super intentional. Remember when she's trying to do Make me music video and all her pics are flattering, but now that Britney is refusing to work and contesting the conservatorship, they are putting some horrible and unflattering post of her that made her look neurotic. It seems like how Lou is trying to sabotage Britney the brand. It could go as one of the threat that Lou made to her, like on how "the management" will make Britney out of work if she keep refusing to work. I'm not sure if I was overreacting, but the way they are curating her instagram comments by keeping all the "Britney are you OK? Britney are you on m**h? Britney are you crazy?" comments on top, it's just weird. Especially with deuxmoi tea where Britney don't have access to her instagram account at all. She literally don't have any voice right now. I won't be surprised if her house don't have wifi :(
  3. At the time, it was easy to dismiss this article as some trashy news. But now that we know the truth, these articles finally make sense. Just how many of us actually blame Britney for not wanting to put David Lachapele video on? Lou and her team made it seems like Britney is unstable with going buck naked and "hate" the video in the end. When it's clear it's Lou and Jamie who didn't like the whole chained concept. Free Britney movement is really eye opening for some small details like this over the years.
  4. Do you remember that carpool karaoke when she mentioned that she want more kids, like 4 more.. Can this be her obsession because she can’t no longer have them? Like all the medication that Lou and Jamie put her make her having issues down there? Ugh this is getting more and more like that Miley Cyrus black mirror episode.. except this is not a Netflix, this is somebody’s life 😢
  5. Watching this reminds me on how Britney is like Janet on steroid lol. They have similar dance moves/ aesthetics. Britney Spears - I'm A Slave 4 U (Official Video) - YouTube
  6. Thank you for doing this! I am curious as to in United States, has there been a history of consevatorship that ever ended/ reversed? And has there been a court that rules a consevatorship case as abusive? I am trying to think statistically, what are the chances we get a happy ending where Britney will be free, and seek retroactive damage after a thorough forensic audit on the consevatorship. Everywhere I go, I only cases when consevatorship has been abused and that's it. There's no after math on how the abuser get what they deserved.
  7. What worries me is that Courtney Love has approached Vanity Fair to put out a piece, but they declined to do so. Although I do get how hard it is to push the Weinstein scandal to the surface, and that is counting plenty of people involved. While in this case, we only have a child superstar who is drugged, threatened, bullied, in which is harder for her to speak out. I think Lou is really that powerful or she would be connected to somebody's important or what not. There could be some money involved for the press. Lou got a billion dollar to burn, and if I was in deep crap like her, I would spend it on lawyers and bribes before the court can get to it. But this is way beyond fishy. I started to think that Bessemeer Trust could mean nothing at all for the end of cship.. Is there something that we can do at this point Jordan? Like, I was thinking you have background in journalist and you were involved with Britney since day 1 as well. Can you pull a Ronan Farrow and send the investigation to New Yorker/ New York Times?
  8. At least MJ have Janet on his side. Unlike Britney who only have Jamie Lynn and a scrub. All the people who have a critical role in opposing the consevatorship has passed away, it's too odd to rule it as a "coincidence". I am so concerned right now with Lynne's safety, but I believe she just couldn't stand that ***** who is sleeping with her ex husband and keep fu**ing her daughter's life. Probably why she is this close in pulling the trigger. I hope nothing bad will happen to Judge Penny :(
  9. I tried to google media that cover Courtney's post and I found the Independent UK on it: https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/news/courtney-love-britney-spears-conservatorship-b1775246.html+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ca But if you click the link, the Independent has deleted the article. It's only available on Google cache as of now. This morning I was thinking that with how many people are linked to this that died unexpectedly. In 2019 Dr. Timothy Benson who will testify on Britney's health died suddenly for undisclosed reason. With Courtney Love talking on how Lou is threatening her life and her daughter, I think this might not be a coincidence. Every celebrity interview that was asked about Britney Spears condition, they would all go "she's been surrounded by greedy people", from Cardi B to Beyonce. I think everybody in the industry know just how bad the consevatorship is. But nobody wanted to say anything because Lou is apparently a real deal with her mafia or something. Even Miley Cyrus; who I think should be powerful enough with her dad in the industry AND know much enough with direct involvement with Larry Rudolph; shut her mouth up when asked directly. Let's not forget Andre Fuentes, who is very close with Britney from day 1. If anybody would help Britney get out of this situation, I think he could be one of them. But he died suddenly as well. I remember when asked by the paparazzi back in the day she just stay silent. I can imagine Lou is rubbing this in her face on how she will ended up like Andre if she gets out of her consevatorship. Hence why she don't want to get out of the consevatorship despite it being voluntary. Lou might have threaten her for something really bad (could be her kids life), if Britney ever decided to show up on court and says "I'm done with this consevatorship bull!". And I think there's the other doctor who died as well back in 2008-2010 that testify on Britney's mental health. Although from accounting perspective, it shouldn't be that hard to hire a $20-50k hitman when you have a $1 billion at stake (Forbes says Britney should net worth around $600 million, that is net to her, exclude all the Tri Star touring and entertainment and electrical gas and whatever subcontracted profit). Lou will obviously drug Britney to stay tame, controlled, and anxious. Courtney Love single comment shed so much light to this situation, no wonder Lou wanted it to be taken off everywhere. Remember that she also call out Harvey Weinstein in 2005, but nobody trust her because people think she's crazy: I just hope we can see the end to this horror :(
  10. So I was on my Instagram feed to saw diet Prada post for Britney’s birthday. Because this is more of a mainstream news (non Britney fan) I’m trying to look at the comment section to see what GP think. And I found this one comment that oppose free Britney movement. When I look at her profile, she has 1 follower and 5 following. Like I have a hunch this is Lou and I would casually joke “Nice try Lou”. And after that she goes full on to me. I replied with trying to trash Lou, and apparently this triggers her. Instead of be like “I’m not Lou, why are you onto her?”, she was like “all of you brainwashed teenagers/ low rank nerd” lol. See the comments below: Diet Prada ™ on Instagram: “It’s Britney’s bday *****! 🎂 We’ve rounded up some of her most iconic red carpet looks to celebrate the occasion. Dieters, what are your…” The way she talked about Britney, make me positive was her. Besides, she follows Britney The Zone museum lol. What’s interesting is that she mentions Sam when no one asked for it.. is Sam part of Lou gang? Anyway, if you want to look it up, it’s there in diet Prada Instagram reels, and you can say hi to Loucifer / Vereena/ beautifulv15.
  11. You can Google Britney Spears Russia on Twitter. He just posted a LQ version of it. I really like this song. It has that gimme gimme more catchiness to it.
  12. Made me think if the zoom meeting in her house is actually safe. You wouldn’t know who’s in the room with her and whatnot.
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