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  1. She’ll be her lazy adorable self again
  2. Wait, why are people hatinh on her now? :// she literally did nothing wrong here..
  3. Imma pound everyone in smash this year tbh
  4. Crayboy


    How is that contradictory? burgers and steak are and can be VERY different things y’know?
  5. Crayboy

    socialney Are killer choreographies still a thing?

    this is considered killer choreo today. Ew. Great singer but no. as for killer choreos, I thibk they kinda died off With Britney/JT. JLO is like the only person who does this. and Britney showed she can today but yea
  6. Sooo wasn’t there gonna be an announcement here? Or like a commercial? Im so confused
  7. Uhmmm they’re talking about republicans not her livestream, am I watching something totally different?
  8. Aw hell bae. Go ahead, criticize that one as much as you like. That was bad
  9. That wasn’t my intention. Trust me, look at many of my post I’ve criticized her a lot for this. but I was just talking about their audience mainly, saying she was stiff and What not sorry if it came accros as something else
  10. It’s Almost like black internet just dislikes Britney (saying black because that’s mainly tsr audience) and in general I feel like people just dont Wanna admit that when she puts in effort, she’s the best. But people would rather praise Beyonce which I don’t Get at all
  11. She wasn’t tho. ff tour Britney is stiff. She has stiff moments all through POM. This wasn’t stiff in any way
  12. I don’t Get it... people on the shade room are calling her stiff. And that she could never dance. like is beyonce styled twerking the only thing that passes for dancing nowdays? Damn O feel bad for them...
  13. Watch the shaderoom or any other influental person not post this...... and rather post more failed attempts instead
  14. Coming into this video I was thinking it was a video of an old dance set to a JJ song. now I just Wanna cry in a corner. this woman is an enigma. Not only can you tell she genuinly enjoyed herself her, but she was ON POINT. give the woman her well deserved sneakers.
  15. Well looks like someone read the comments
  16. If she could only take notes from her rhythm and style of dance
  17. She’s lazy has anxiety doesn’t really care no one on her team does they don’t Bother even hiring decent choreographers over 7 months (the whole show/half could’ve changed and if she practiced 5-6 hours a day, three days, for three months only, THAT IS ALL SHE WOULD’ve had to do, then the show could’ve been great.........) shows excitetment here and there, but that goes away quickly. i’m sorry, even though I am seeing her, I feel like she needs to be shook by these comments. Like seriously woman, you’ee so talented, yet y’all are being so cheap, when y’all can use less money for better quality even.............. over 7 months, the came up with two choreos, and a 10 second dance break.... let that sink in good night
  18. DAISY FOR SMASH CONFI— she looks good
  19. . It just makes me furious to know she’s got SO much talent and never really used it, or tries to make ITS better