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  1. Why are people dragging her. She didnt do anything ...
  2. I remember it being posted here. It had new vocals for slave and clear ones for ILRNR and everything.
  3. I know she doesn’t care because why care, but I hope this inspires Britney to put her back into the next projects she does. Only she gets away with putting in minimal effort into her performances like the last 5-7 years. Anyone else would be crucified for lip synching everything
  4. Maybe a trio with Christina and Justin lol i’d love for her to work with NCT 127. They have such fun music and their choreo would probably push her more again. I think she’d enjoy that. ariana and Gaga could be nice too I guess. I haven’t reaaaaally listened to LG in a while but if it is Like Sour Candy it would be nice. Ari could be fun too. But yea
  5. Lazyness? Back pain too maybe? She wasn’t completely into the ff era so. most likely that and being done with it. She can clearly do that and more now
  6. I’m hoping things do change. The other girls can sing too. Thi it does make sense because Nicole is on the show, so it is only natural that she haa the spotlight I do hope they change the algorithm for the tour and songs because people do want to see and hear the others. If nothing will change then it won’t really work in today’s industry
  7. Unless she used her deep voice register opposed to her Famous Britney voice :p
  8. I thought Britney was exaggerating cuz mom genes. But he’d really good more talent at 12 than me at 21😩 Top 10 anome plot twists he is just as talented as Britney and becomes a world Famous pop star lol haha
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