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  1. EYE CONTACT!!! She used to look directly into the cameras, and always head up. Now she is constantly looking at her feet to check her moves, it makes her look nervous and unrehearsed. She is probably anxious, scared of tripping, or not fully rehearsed. Eyes are the most telling thing about a person, we notice things subconsciously, that might be why you cannot put a label on it. She has a lot more energy now, but it makes her look unprepared. Her moves are sometimes stiff and not on time. Sorry not sorry. SHITTY CHOREOGRAPHY post Femme Fetale Era (while even though during the Femme Fatale era she looked utterly miserable and was given simplified choreography, the actual choreography the dancers used to songs like Hold it Against Me was sick). So NOT her, but the moves she is given. Look at the choreography for Make Me…it is so cheesy and embarrassing (let alone the fact they RUINED the toxic choreography and Slave 4 U is just a pole dance)! The only good choreography in POM is the Womanizer Breakdance, Work ***** is okay but a bit messy, the Break The Ice part they took out idk why, and the BOMT/OIDIA Breakdown. I mean those are all good, not great but good. Now compare those "good" choreographies to the original Slave 4 U, Toxic, even Circus Music Video choreography, it sucks (and don't bring up the knee thing, she did Toxic performances after the knee incident).
  2. She didn't write it, its a compilation of songs. If any album is a breakup album it is her "most personal album" BJ.
  3. BLEH! this video better not be her giggling, watching Tinashe try on old outfits. if I get a another Make Me video (or second video), I will FLIP OUT!
  4. I agree with this post completely! As someone who has struggled with anxiety disorders, I have no idea how she does what she does. Part of me wonders at times if she is doing it because she wants to, because I have no idea how she still puts herself back out there after the amount of PTSD 2007-2008 must of brought her, on top of what was already another mental illness. She is so strong, I hope at some point she opens up about it to help fight the stigma about mental illness and joins the community,
  5. Every ******* interview she does the interviewer compliments her figure and then proceeds to ask her about her fitness routine lol...I think it has been noticed plenty.
  6. Love the new confidence, but this new hairdo is like the wigs of 2016 lol. What I don't get is that since she always ends up putting it into a ponytail, why doesn't she put it into a really sleek slicked back ponytail each performance. It looks fantastic, and it stays that way the whole performance!
  7. Exactly. We did all we could, but this whole thing has been a joke. The rollout took 4 months, they cut a great video for a complete joke, and they performed several promo gigs with things we have seen from POM for the past 2 years. Everyone here is saying, we gotta do this, we gotta do this. WE ARE. WHAT ARE THEY DOING? This is so frustrating because it could have been HUGE, but instead they handled it so poorly its just another nail in the coffin of her career. If they don't do something big within the next year...I don't think people will take her seriously, public can only hear "comeback" so many times.
  8. I think they can try, but to be honest, given the sales and charting of the album, I doubt her label (RCA) will put much more money into this album. There has to be something controversial or incredibly different that causes a ton of publicity from this much video in order for it to get any GP recognition. However, based on the instagram pics and the costumes we saw and the set, I am expecting a fairly traditional music video, but I pray I'm wrong.
  9. No way, now that most music videos are retouched frame by frame (any star, but Brit has been doing it in every video since "Work *****"), it takes weeks till post-production is over. I would be cautious of expecting to see anything until at least the last week of November.
  10. I am against her doing anymore promo unless she and her team are gonna take it seriously. She cannot keep performing POM acts in order to promote, its embarrassing. GLORY PERFORMANCES ONLY!
  11. Rainbow hair because I felt she was finally back. It turned out her energy was, but she was still performing the same choreography, I hope they update it all soon!! (and not with whomever did the Make Me choreography, that cheesy boring choreography, whoever did that needs to go away! Bring back Brian Friedman.)
  12. oooh thank you! this is the best I have heard! Britney's parts are still sped a bit to fast (i assume the sped up at the VMA's just a part of a second), and the background isn't as raw, but this is def the best thank you sooooooooo much!!!!!
  13. Does anyone have a true studio version of Britney doing "Me Myself & I," one that doesn't have any audience our house audio?
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