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  1. I never understood what happened to him, like all of a sudden he looked like a 50 year old
  2. Wait what? Where did you read that? I never heard of that
  3. That's what I was thinking too, just shoot the other scenes where he doesn't appear
  4. The song is so weak, it doesn't inspire you anything and it literally makes me wanna go tl sleep I hate midtempos and I hope Britney herself stops doing them. She cannot dance to them and those robotic moves look so awkward
  5. The only thing the GP remembers about Beitney Jean is Work ***** and that is fine with me
  6. Wow I had never seen this before she totally killed it!! Was the rest of the show as good? They should've been the recording for the DVD
  7. Is it weird that nowadays I can't picture Britney without the twirling and bending her knees?
  8. It's literally one of the few Britney songs that still gets played everywhere along with Work *****
  9. I don't get it I need some context, what am I seeing?
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