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  1. janet is definitely iconic, but i think the performance at the superbowl really stunted her success and potential legendary status. which is a shame because she really does deserve it... from what i remember she was blacklisted after that which is really ironic considering justin’s career didn’t suffer at all. he threw her under the bus and put all the blame on her which is bull****. so britney in reality, but janet deserves all the praise in the world.
  2. it’s not an authentic britney spears experience, it’s just like a (VERY) few true props and cheap gimmicky designs. nothing about it says anything about britney or her journey/career. not much thought put into it. like really, a mushroom room with a gigantic snake? her team is beyond desperate lmao
  3. i wonder if they’re slowly giving her more freedom. i really hope so, like it’s so frustrating bc we literally have no idea what went on in court yesterday, all we can do is speculate... plus it seems like no one outside of our fan base cares.
  4. i’d say good since last time they were in and out and nothing changed. the judge could be thoroughly reviewing the case, let’s be optimistic!!!
  5. thank f**king god jordan brought this forum back up has the court hearing started??
  6. i’ve tried giving her the benefit of the doubt a couple times during this whole thing, but it’s obvious that she is determined on continuing to tarnish britney’s image for her cheap *** show’s entertainment, what pisses me off is her viewers are so stupid as to believe it. she is absolute trash, **** her!!!!
  7. tbh it’s my favorite perfume from her
  8. ivanna was so embarrassing, she didn’t take it seriously at all plus when she was interviewed she had no idea how to articulate what has been going on w britney all these years, she was a mess and sounded soooo uneducated on the topic ugh
  9. mine's @pop_princess__ also i'm ready to spam the **** out of my twitter girlies, really wish i could be there tho! i'm hoping for the best since lynne has finally come onboard, this has to be a step forward
  10. just saying, i would love to see britney cover control by janet jackson after all is said and done
  11. ugggggh, can we even trust what he says tbh? first off, he hasn’t been apart of britney's life in how long? so how much does he really know? he has a restraining order on him for goodness sakes, and not just from britney! hes the biggest leech there is, besides lou ofc. i feel like he’d say anything to be put in a good light. take everything he says w a grain of salt. i do not trust lou, but i certainly do not that snake sam either.
  12. y’all, i’m struggling with this. i know i’m late to posting, but i needed to get away from exhale last night to breathe. i really want to believe in what britney said last night, but something seems so off. why bring up the emails when it wasn’t even the thing to set off this whole movement? when the gp doesn’t even know who sam lutfi is??? i'm not sure what to believe in. the evidence tells me something is very, very off about this conservatorship and i don’t trust the caption that was posted by her (or team b) bc it could’ve been easily written by them, her video was very vague and didn’t touch on anything that really needed to be said. it was a filler video, obviously damage control, it had no real substance to it. with that being said, she’s asking for privacy and is advocating that this movement is making it worse for her. i’m just not sure where to go from here...
  13. are you kidding?? the conservatorship needs to be addressed, people are not in a conservatorship for 11 YEARS. that’s not normal, britney has no basic human rights and has expressed her unhappiness with her situation, there’s countless evidence that she’s made attempts to end it herself with no avail. she’s trapped, and considering lou taylor’s past, it needs to be investigated
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