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  1. Whos that girl ? Britneys lil sis ?
  2. To record a song ? Britney is gay music. Remember Over to you now and if you want something deep there is Everyday for you.
  3. I think FF is a good album actually the best she did ever since. Circus tour is overated because it was lazyney full on walking on stage most of the time. I didnt care watching Xfactorney after just a few episodes. I think most of the remixes are trash. I think Chaoticney is iconic
  4. You cant comparre these 2 because they are very different Britneys. Oops is more iconic, but my gay heart would prefer Womanizer if I had to choose.
  5. Looks more like Jessica Alba then Britney LOL
  6. Denmark, beautiful elegant but not desperate housewives as the rest of these pics
  7. Diana is such a ********* . She was acting out because Diana deliberately pressurezied her.
  8. Poor soul, looks so over it, something that made her feel free has been taken away from her. Still looks like a queen.
  9. I was too young back then to know how the GP precieves Britney, but I remember that from the very begining she was awkward to listen to wich is a very contradictory fact. Recently we have listened to Britney music in work and I was shocked how the whole team liked it and more essential KNEW her songs and sang along. I would have never thought she is remembered amongst the GP and her songs even being popular. I think the whole hate comes from her early albums being girly with girly lyrics and then she has transformed into ******, club banger stuff wich is more imposing for gays.
  10. Im not sure. I am a fan since I can remember. I dont know how I would precive Britney if I was introduced to her in my adult. Becoming a fan back then when I was a child is a whole lot different.
  11. Your a disgrace for this forums, go somewhere else hater. Why are you even here when your posts oozes hate against Britney. Your talking like everybody would be perfect and we should always do the right things, you dont think about individual circumstances. You ignore that life is happening and we cant always be perfect. How do you know how she felt when she went to these men ? How do you know she didnt feel lonely ? All these slutting around can be a result of menthal health issues, as her erratic behaviour on driving and all that too and its the most likely it is the reason for it. I really cant fault her for taking married men, you fall in love and how could you not follow your heart ? She had loads of pressure with the kids, divorce and partying and drugs was probably her way of escaping her issues, it is one of the most common cases with young people in their 20's. You must be somebody coming from a very privilaged background, having a perfect life thats why you cant understand Britney, but just try to think yourself in her place and have some empathy for her.
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