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  1. I forgot that you’re a MENIZER, I just can’t I swear that I’m going to give a new chance do KE I love Jodie and Sandra chemistry. I almost died when Jodie won the Emmy, she deserved so much
  2. I watched season 1 when it’s aired. My friend is always insisting for me to watch s2 and s3, but I’m tooo lazy. I think I’m going to watch tomorrow just for you you already finished s3?
  3. All I want is what you want and what I want is you, @Roxxy I’m watching AGAIN for the 4938 time Friends. I started to watch again from season 1, now I’m at season 4. And sometimes I try to watch Greys Anatomy but I just can’t finish season 15. Today I started Legendary from HBO, didn’t like it so much What are you watching, meu amor?
  4. I’m basically freaking out with the quarantine.. the number of cases are increasing really fast and everything is closed here. I stay all day in my bed watching series (it’s winter here). These soap opera is veeeery old, I think it’s from 97. I was just a little young gay baby. But this soap opera was really polemic, they killed a big part of the cast because the audience didn’t like the characters.. two of the them were lesbians and the audience hated them being a couple, so they killed them with other characters in an explosion the scene is EPIC
  5. IM DEAD WITH THE FOFO I missed you too, meu amor
  6. I arrived too late Did you miss me? I’m so off these past days
  7. Omg I didn’t know that, I love those conspiracy theories
  8. me: Glory x Circus x Blackout, can you still love me after this?
  9. Omg you’re so sweet to your fans, when will britney? ps if you wanna we can
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