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  1. Thank u! Britney as the be first artist to inspire me to dances dance... I tememwber I had her VHS live from Hawaii and believing she was magic by the way she moved and controlled the stagw
  2. Hey guys I love to dance and challenge myself and Britney was my first dance inspiration growing up since BOMT and watching her videos and performances ! In still a HUGE knowledgeable fan and was so excited to take this class! Link below hope u like!
  3. 1) britney been to Asia since BOMT ERA(Japan, korea,etc) 2 ) asians have an obsession with cacasuain features 3) she can only **** this up if she shows up as brunettney 4)I can't wait to see how the asians Stan!!
  4. Omg yes! All the wasted potential singles that would slay the radio more than all that other generic **** they play
  5. So sometimes when I have my phones of my friends I go to their Apple Music and always add Glory and Blackout in the hopes that they secretly come across a britney song while in the shower or something and love it! Soemtimes it works too! And I also made my friend who's a straight athletic guy listening to blackout in it's entirety in exhange for me listening to the Kevin Gates album.... and a *******... jk ... I wish.. but yea the commitment is real when your a true Britney fan
  6. For sure Bey And Jay times two .. Britney would evolve in sound, look, status, performances! Justin would still be succesfull in his own right as well but always a foot behind Britney ! World tours in Europe, Asia, Australia, etc! Grammys performances at every award show! But no blackout or knowledge to the real Nritney we all got to see. Idk but it would be great tos we in another virtual reality all the singles and videos and interviews if that happened
  7. Hey guys I've been looking everywhere but can't find a link to the full London sho she did. Please help !
  8. Please someome help me find this album! its not a good feeling seeing brintey spears song titles and not being familiar with them escepcially when they sound as iconic as they do!please someone help me end this drought
  9. Can someone help me find it I literally been searching crazy and it's killing me as a fan not to hear all the hype
  10. I was always confused if she said u could be my "****" or "thug" tonight in How I Roll
  11. The red carpet has just finished and now we see the MTV opening logo before the show begins. MSG is pitch black and the show is about to begin as we begin to hear classic Britney phrases (like that!, o baby baby, you better work) than - ITS Britney *****! And private show begins play as Britney ascends from the top of a staircase with her back facing the audience wearing a gold body suit( similar to one in the private show commercial and jimmy kümmel prank) The crowd goes wild! The dances move are Similar to the one in the commercial with **** walks, hip thrusting, and hair flipping as she makes her way down the stairs as dancers begin to emerge. she sings the chorus walking towards the audience with sas and owns it.with a wind machine blowing her blond locks ! The chorus ends ends with a boom of pyro as the beginning of make me begins to play where she performes the original video choreography . After the first chorus Geazy appears in the aile making his way towards the stage to Britney where the meet and have amazing chemistry as he raps for her. At the end of his rap Britney says "baby make me ooh" and we hear slave for you panting . She than does slave for u dance break just for good old times and kills it! Flow back into the final chorus of make Me where a wire elevates Britney back to the top of the staircase as she moves sensually( similar to dwad tour BOMT) and she takes her final bow. I made this up as I was going bye guys lmk what u think. I'm not only so excited that Britney performing but at the V M FREAKING A's!!!! During the same weak as an album release! I'd never thought I'd be this excited as a fan again and we all know she has to have a shocker moment like Vma tradition!
  12. Honestly Ima. A die hard Britney fan since I was 5 but Ima a big Beyonce fan and understand he hype because she can sing and dance with great energy and poise and the art connected to her music .
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