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  1. I put Britney at the top because she’s my number 1 forever, but the rest are just who I’ve been stanning the past few years because I don’t really “stan” other artists that way. Britney Charli XCX Tove Lo Kim Petras Slayyyter I’m sad to say Charli might be going away after her flop of a quarantine album, though.
  2. Ah, me too. I only buy the ones I want to use. However as far as special editions go I’m really tempted by the black bottle 10 year anniversary edition of Fantasy. Was curious if Renner really smells different or not because a lighter less cloying version of Fantasy sounds intriguing.
  3. Those ones I think never released in the US so they’re hard to find / pricy. (Assuming you live in the U.S. of course) Did you manage to get Renner fantasy? I’ve always been curious about that one because of the caramel notes and the lighter concentration of EdT but last I checked there were no eBay listings for it :-( https://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/Britney-Spears/Fantasy-Eau-de-Toilette-Renner-Excusive--31176.html
  4. I think of Do Somethin because she looks very thin with the straight shoulder length hair and everything is pink & feline prints
  5. I thought of a few more pop songs I consider to be perfect but are lesser known
  6. Thank you! Used to love Sam Sparro, but haven’t kept up with his latest few releases - made me remember another good song for this thread
  7. This song is one of my favorites ever and I just love the vibe - chill Swedish pop perfection The only other song I have found with a similar vibe is this one If you guys know any songs that are similar vibes to these 2 please let me know!
  8. The first song I remember loving was when I was probably 2-3 years old, was this one by Bob Seger. One time I requested that my mom play it on the radio and just as she finished explaining that’s not how the radio worked, sure as **** the song started playing on the radio I was convinced for a while after this that I could control the radio just by wishing. My love for this song did not last into adulthood. The first CD I ever asked my parents for and received was The Sign by Ace of Base. Being 5 years old at the time, I scratched up the first one and the replacement I was given, after that my older sister ripped it onto cassette tape for me so I could enjoy it without scratching it Lolol. I love this album still today, for nostalgic purposes.
  9. Can we please get her seat dance at the end as an emote?
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