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Everything posted by carlosallauca

  1. why is this a parody? because they are big girls? bull****, this is a REMAKE at least.
  2. i could swear they made Britney take a hundred pictures with different outfits on one day so they could have material for a whole year. all these pictures look THE SAME.
  3. I'm so tired of all news saying we are convinced she's asking for help via instagram, ***** PLEASE, girl has been trying to find ways to get out since 2008. the two attorneys she tried to hire and were denied, the letter she gave to Andrew Gallery, the calls she made with the phone Adnan sister's gave her, she even told the judge she was forced into rehab last year.
  4. I have it, but had no idea of what the track list was until today. MY BABY? lol
  5. such a gorgeous queen <3 now get someone to edit your videos Brit! with good editing this videos could be DA BOMB
  6. queen of recording new lines for a remix but never finishing Tom's Diner <3 can't wait till midnight!
  7. @PokemonSpears how dare you to NOT include Shakira's album "THE REMIXES" (1997) it's a CLASSIC.
  8. they are releasing their own single on the 26, so I guess no video for Sour Candy, just a promo for them like Kiss & Make Up was.
  9. now I understand Britney's face when the interviewer tells her she's rich, she's like "whatever, I can't even use my own money"
  10. Lindsay, so she can tell us about this night: https://images.app.goo.gl/Q4vwqd6Tjz87ScML8
  11. thanks Jordan, now it's gone from Spotify, I had been listening to it everyday for like a month.
  12. Natti Natasha is reggaeton royalty <3
  13. Change Your Mind, DYWCO, Better, Slumber Party & Love Me Down.
  14. this is what happens when you talk **** about Britney, period. pd: I love all her hits, but never check on her like someone said earlier.
  15. get Lindsay on the show too and the world is saved
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