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  1. such a gorgeous queen <3 now get someone to edit your videos Brit! with good editing this videos could be DA BOMB
  2. queen of recording new lines for a remix but never finishing Tom's Diner <3 can't wait till midnight!
  3. @PokemonSpears how dare you to NOT include Shakira's album "THE REMIXES" (1997) it's a CLASSIC.
  4. they are releasing their own single on the 26, so I guess no video for Sour Candy, just a promo for them like Kiss & Make Up was.
  5. now I understand Britney's face when the interviewer tells her she's rich, she's like "whatever, I can't even use my own money"
  6. Lindsay, so she can tell us about this night: https://images.app.goo.gl/Q4vwqd6Tjz87ScML8
  7. thanks Jordan, now it's gone from Spotify, I had been listening to it everyday for like a month.
  8. Natti Natasha is reggaeton royalty <3
  9. Change Your Mind, DYWCO, Better, Slumber Party & Love Me Down.
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