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  1. All of yesterday's posts seem to have had 99% of the positive comments deleted - mine and several friends were taken down.
  2. She's gonna give us a jacuzzi post next just to stomp on everyone's necks... I'm gonna die if she does
  3. Ya'll remember when Britney wished her Sis a happy birthday and all the comments started saying she was like a little twin Brit... and Shadeney quickly posted this afterwards... 'the REAL mini me... I miss him'
  4. Ya'll remember when Britney wished her Sis a happy birthday and all the comments started saying she was like a little twin Brit... and Shadeney quickly posted this afterwards... 'the REAL mini me... I miss him'
  5. Juno got a busy few hours deleting tweets when she wakes up. She's getting savaged.
  6. @IJustWannaLurk Let's talk hun, because you were respectful of my ideas and came back with some well thought out points of your own 🥰: - You mention the change in tone and style of caption being around June 2019 and time of the involuntary stay at the clinic. The stay was February/March 2019 I believe. What's interesting to me is the infamous 'all is well' post is written with some emojis (ones we had seen before) but no space before the exclamations... They start on May 4th 2019 actually and a few times in May, so I think this is probably around the point she started to leverage the **** she has on her father to take back some ownership in areas. - The swaying isn't there until the 'burned my gym down' post, which got a lot of people speculating on her wellbeing. Now, I personally think the gym incident was another act of Rebelney, and the first major time I began to think she was up to something and intentionally disobeying her father. The tone of voice, delivery and between the lines sarcasm in the caption have the hallmarks of the Britney who would go off-scipt spontaneously come out with some shade at her Vegas shows during the few times she spoke. The same vibe then continues in her videos going forward, but not all of them - it's specific to things like the Q&As which are also the posts I see as laden with clever hints and low key sassy attitude. In videos like her iconic call out to the articulate LGBTQ society it's really not there, and non of the videos where she's catwalking or dancing show that kind of nervousness so I put them down to the fact she knows she's being shady, has to act to make it look innocent and there's a chance it will get picked up by James which no doubt produces a good amount of nervous energy. She dances a bit weirdly in her freestyle posts, but I don't see someone who's an apparant absolute wreck of nerves and scared for her life answering a few questions putting on that kind of display with not one **** to give. Then there's a vid of her and Sam in the mountains and he says 'dance Brit' and she does a really dorky dance in a hot bikini with high socks and trainers, asks Sam to show his moves and he makes a remark which seems like a bit of sass towards someone - like he's in on Britney's joke - which came after the swaying gym post. - Her phone has appeared a few times since December 2019, most recently on the clip of her boarding the plane with Sam. We've also heard she used a tripod for her solo set ups with a phone and she posted camera roll snapshots to prove dates. I believe whatever device she has is limited in some way but I do believe she has a phone that she can shoot pics and videos with at the very least as well as contact an approved group of people. - Her kids haven't been seen on her posts for a long time which is concerning I agree, but I'm hoping that (as I suspect) is party her decision to keep them out of her social media because of the nasty tone of the comments and partly denying James any pics or footage of his Grandchildren. A lot of her time we have no idea about since she's clearly made a big batch of footage in a short space of time that she intends to keep using, so in fairness she could be up to all sorts that we don't know about? - I think she is probably under some kind of contract to provide X amount of content per set timeframe which is why she's spend a bit of time getting stuff done at once and doing it in a way that opposes the expectation of her and as far removed from Popstar Britney as possible. There's even been a change in tone for the brand adverts she posts - her fragrance used to get captions like 'See My Perogative through different lenses' but the last one was something along the lines of 'My Perogative is pretty great' and her caption on The Zone launch was literally a deadpan 'everyone looks to be having to much FUN!!' when the pictures posted were of people who looked like they couldn't be having any LESS fun Obviously either you or I could be right here, but I wanted to show that I had considered the things you were saying whilst developing my theory and wanted to explain my angle on those particular areas Would love to hear your thoughts x
  7. Wow I can even say something that's clearly a fact and you still want to 'argue', if that's what you call posting gifs instead of having anything to actually say. You want to go through her account together and we can list all the double, triple posts and you can learn to count at the same time.
  8. Why is everyone so obsessed with the age difference? God, we aren't living in the 1950s anymore. I think Sam is on our side and that him and Britney are happy together. I guess we will see once the C Ship changes hands or is dissolved what the Sam haters come up with as excuses for why Britney stays with him.
  9. Get out of here. This is not a place for positivity and you should be ashamed 😜
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