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  1. 33 minutes ago, Godney's Sweet Ass said:


    Her fans are weird tho. Just look at all of us on here obsessing over her knee and lips and hair. It's creepy. I'd run away from us :walkonby:

    It was raining heavily here in Taipei and like 50 fans went to the airport just to see her :sassybrit: (we knew where she's arriving few hours before she arrived and she didn't even waved to the fans :brit: I believe that she was really tired lol

  2. 2 minutes ago, GoddessOfPop said:

    Yeah I think she's staying for a couple of days there, hope you meet her and have a good experience. How many tickets are left? Any idea? 

    I remember that about 80% of the tickets were sold, the total was about 16,000 or so  :sassybrit: Not bad but not so good(the VIP seats are not sold out:squintney:

  3. 2 hours ago, GoddessOfPop said:

    A wave to the fans would've been nice, but anyway, is this show soldout or also kinda empty? 

    It isn't sold out yet... like I said I was really worried that it wouldn't be sold out  :donewithit: Anyway... I've read that she will stay in Taipei for 4 DAYS!!!:snapney: really hope I can see her on the streets haha

  4. 3 minutes ago, OutrageousMoi said:

    Aren't you guys overreacting? She has sold 80% of the tickets in 9 hours, isn't that great? :slayney:

    We should be grateful if she sells 90% of the tickets.  Her tickets are ridiculously expensive in Taipei, I'm shocked. Of course it'll be great if she sells out, but 80% in 9 hours is not bad AT ALL.

    Hope she'll keep selling

    The prize is the lowest here compared to other countries:queenriri:

  5. 49 minutes ago, button said:

    What are you talking about? Taipei is the most promo she's gotten so far

    Someone posted the promos it was a super long list


    I know it and I said that she is EVERYWHERE

    the problem is that people only know 小甜甜布蘭妮 not BRITNEY

     so that's what I'm worried about, they see the posters but they won't check it out

    They have done enough promo for the concert already(for me)


  6. Just now, Darna said:

    I went to the tickets website and here's how Google translated the description:

    "Popular days Britney Spears, in 1998 to a <Baby one more time>, swept the world, jumped into the world superstar. In 2003 by virtue of "Toxic" single won the first Grammy Award. 
    Debut has issued a total of eight albums, of which 6 won the airborne champion, the cumulative 24 TOP40 singles, 8 sign music award, the world approaching hundreds of millions of sales figures, selected Fu Bisi "the world's most influential hundred "Celebrity", the "Best Performers of the Year 2000", Rolling Stone magazine "the top 25 breakthrough in the history of the most young people," VH1 channel "music history of 100 great women" list, the Hollywood Avenue of Stars left an exclusive star, Achievements amazing!

    2011 signed a casino show, a year performance of 50 games, gorgeous stage design, dizzying lights with, ingenuity of clothing show, watch the number of more than 50 million people, bringing more than 20 million dollars in amazing income, By the media canonized "best casino show", this boom is more continuous all the way to 2017!

    Forever popular leader ~ Britney Spears, debut 18 years of essence, once to meet the fans in Taiwan. 
    Only one of the concert, flutter to grab! The The"

    Is it BJ or Glory that was totally forgotten? :weusay: Lol I remember for the Korean show the description says "6 of the 7 regular albums." :weusay: Some albums are really meant to be forgotten. :weusay::weusay::weusay: #ItShouldBeErased

    Glory is forgotten here Orz 

    every articals wrote 8 albums...

    but MM did top the chart and Glory stayed on top for over a month here, all because of her fans here :brit:

  7. 5 minutes ago, Darna said:

    Omg what is Brinny's name there, just curious. :idkney:

    I'm not sure if I'll say Taiwanese name or Chinese name, I might offend, you can educate me on this matter too. 

    We call her 小甜甜布蘭妮

    Xiao Tien Tien Boo Lan Nee :giggleney:

    in Both Taiwan and China so it's fine haha

    (it's like "Little Sweetheart Britney" or something like that, The media calls her this way since BOMT:brit: so lots of people can't recognize her now lol