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  1. Its just ignorant at this point if u don’t understand the implications and history of B-l-a-c-k-f-a-c-e (why is b l a c k f a c e censored?) . If you dont know the history of it now google it. Period. Dot.
  2. U know at one point natalie portman and britney understudied the same character on off broadway when they were like 11. They both were originating roles. Both went completely different directions career wise. Imagine if they switched and britney was the actress in star wars and natalie was a pop star lol.
  3. Nah thats not it. Its just camila has had a racist past and she just pretends like it didnt happen so its awkward. She needs to do an oprah esque interview or something like that.
  4. This is so disrespectful to the black community. Especially when they had brandy and whitney previously. wonder how they would feel about her tumblr and her using the n word like that.
  5. Really 🤦🏽‍♂️? Especially w everything thats going on rn
  6. Shes sang with aretha, patti labelle, olivia newton john live... she did the stand up concert w all the women, and even miley was in that. shes has recorded songs with john legend, usher, luther vandross, boys ii men, even justin bieber, 98 degrees, joe, and many more. yall need to do your homework! shes sang with a lot of guy/ and women but mariah be like... legends only baha shes also stated many times shed love to collaborate with beyonce. Its in beyonces hands practically.
  7. Its not a big deal. Buy it some where else if u wanna support films not representing people of color, racist, or dehumanizing films.
  8. So creepy and sad. Didnt realize it was that extreme. My god 🙁
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