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  1. I'm glad there was no bubble farts in the making,,,,,lol No actually that would be freaking funny --anyways I'm sure she had rose petals floating round too.......
  2. ''Watch your fingers, boy, you might get burned'' Love that part! Actually listened to the song just yesterday, haven't listened to it since ages ago
  3. Oh wow, the article can't even get her bloody age right .......
  4. This interview should never have happened ! Everyone but her is able to speak on HER situation. .. So ****
  5. Gwen Stefani and Britney yeaaah sorry off topic lol Yeah anyways no to Lindsay thanks
  6. First time hearing this song,,,,,,,hehe It's awesome! cheers
  7. Favourite one yet!! Love her energy and happiness in the vid!
  8. That sucks, I was in NYC 2012 and Britney's sculpture was there and probably the closet I'll get to see her lol but never say never right?! haha , my guess they could be making an updated one .
  9. Some people have waaaaaaaaay too much ******* time on their hands LMAO
  10. Woah, didn't even realise they got married on my Birthday lol ,erm but anyways certainly agree Britney was beautiful bride^^
  11. How can you even think that is beyond me, Xtina is a tumbleweed and ***** up National Anthems,,, just saying Great now you got me thinking hahaha , that her belching screams would ruin glory
  12. Clearly hear 'You can be my **** tonight' in How I Roll So yeah there are a few songs that says ,
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