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  1. isnt this remix the 'wade robinson' remix? we should all blow up his IG & beg for it lmao.
  2. it is so refreshing to have someone actually agree with me for once instead of yell at me & say im wrong & she's fine. she is not by any means fine. i literally cannot look at her & even remotely see the same person that i used to. that's honestly why the whole "clone" theory doesnt even seem that far fetched to me anymore. its like watching someone try and act like britney and fail miserably. she does not seem present/alert/aware/etc. its like shes pretending/acting like this weird character shes created 24/7. i cant even fully explain it but you get what i mean.
  3. i always get yelled at when i bring this up because to everyone else its the stupidest conspiracy theory ever, but i 100% wholeheartedly believe that the britney we see today is not the same person we saw in 2008. i literally do not see britney spears when i look at her today. its like watching a shell try & act like the old britney & fail miserably.
  4. i'm going to add fuel to the fire by saying this, but the fact that anyone can watch her current insta videos & claim she is perfectly fine is deLUSIONAL. she NEVER used to act that bizarre & "controlled" in her past videos. she speaks as if she wrote down what she wanted to say before taking the video so she can read it back like a script. the whole "you cant compare how she is now to 10 years ago" argument is bullshit, yes you absolutely can. how she was in for the record (for example) is like watching a completely different human being than the person we see today. i think that's the main problem everyone has when they bring this conversation up.
  5. everyone misses this britney cuz that's when she still actually looked & acted like britney .
  6. this whole thread is just pushing the clone / replacement theory even more .
  7. i didn’t mean theory like that, i know it’s a real thing but so many people think it’s fake & that’s why when anyone brings it up everyone gets all hostile.
  8. call me crazy but i truly 100% believe this theory. she cannot remember ANYTHING anymore.
  9. Here’s the thing. I love Bhad Bhabie & I met her at one of her concerts & she was SO cute & sweet. She has said multiple times that she loves Britney so for her to post this is kind of concerning. My thought is that maybe she’s going thru somewhat of a “mental breakdown” herself & posting that picture is her way of saying it. Granted that’s a horrible way to go about it obviously she could have done it better but I feel like it’s something deeper than just making fun of 2007 bald Britney. That’s just me tho.
  10. if i had all the stems for every single song i would make it PERFECT. i used to do that **** alllllllllllll the time with lil wayne songs & my friends would flip out at the difference when i was done. ugh. if only.
  11. See it’s the **** like that that’s extremely concerning to me.
  12. Very good points. Especially the last part lmao. It's just frustrating because I know everyone on here wants her to once & a while be like "Oh my God the 2000 VMA's were incredible I loved that rendition of Oops blah blah blah" just SOMETHING along those lines to show her fans she at least can acknowledge who she once was. When she was being interviewed about Mario Lopez or something from like 1999 & she was like "The key to happiness is having no memory, live in the moment baby".. I found that very disturbing to be honest. Like, OBVIOUSLY with what all she went through I can understand wanting to forget THAT PART.. but to forget basically all of it??? Your legacy??? It's like shes completely disassociated from her past to the point where she's now like "I know that happened but I don't want to remember it" regardless of whether or not it was positive or negative.
  13. So okay first & foremost don't drag me for posting these, I just happen to come across them in the "news" section of Google & for a second I was stunned, then I saw they were from GossipCop & The Inquisitor & wasn't surprised. Only thing is I'm like sliiiiiiiiiiightly sus that they might have some truth because of her severe forgetfulness the past few years. (What the meaning of "Oops I Did it Again is/Her 1999 VMA Performance/The Toxic Music Video/Meeting Taylor Swift/Lyrics/Where She's Performing/etc.) So maybe they have some truth to them? Kind of upsetting but share your thoughts. Britney Spears Memory Loss Worrying Friends And Family? Britney Spears Is Not Struggling With Memory Loss, Despite Tabloid Report
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