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  1. Nikc93


    Rebellion would have been an absolute HIT if released in the past week or even right now. We already got socialist Britney on Instagram, this song could have been an anthem during the current political climate in the US.
  2. No. Britney needs something that’s actually good. Besides like two songs, Chromatica is largely forgettable.
  3. Girl, it wasn’t even his store. They found his twitter and he was making comments earlier in the day about his machete being so sharp and he might have to take it out. Then he found retweeted the video and said he was going out to protect his favorite bar. Bars are more important to these people than lives now? Racist white people are using this as an excuse to go out and start violence. All of these protests have been peaceful until cops started showing up and acting as aggressors.
  4. This guy getting beat charged at unarmed protestors with a sword, screaming. What did he think was going to happen? Look around on Twitter and you can find video of what led up to this. It’s like the guy in SLC who pulled out a bow and arrow and shot at people, then was shocked that they jumped him.
  5. They blocked me lol. They're selling Britney themed face masks now and I sent a message saying "So funny to see other celebs creating masks for coronavirus relief while Britney's team takes advantage of the situation for profit." That was April 25th and I realized I haven't seen anything from them for a while so I checked and they blocked me. So petty.
  6. Confirmation Lou broke Britney’s foot to get her to participate in The Zone
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