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    music Blackout vs In The Zone

    I can't really choose between them. In the Zone has songs like Toxic, Touch of my hand, Early mornin', Breathe on me, Don't Hang Up, that are the best in her career but is not very consistent as a whole and has a lot of shitty songs and fillers in it like Brave new Girl, Outrageous, Boom Boom. Even Me against the music is a bad song and that's really sad cause Madonna is the best artist she's collaborated with. Blackout is more consistent, there's only 3 songs in it I never listen to: Everybody, Why should I be Sad and Hot as Ice but the whole album is about sex except Heaven on Earth, WSIBS and Piece of Me. So I really don't know.
  2. Mona Lisa 2.0

    other Things Britney doesn't remember about her past

    When she forgot she met Taylor Swift back in 2009 When she forgot who Kathy Griffin was When she thought the last time she smoked weed was back lates 90s When she said she wrote DYWCO
  3. how can she forget doing the superbowl with steven tyler?
  4. What's wrong with her in the 5th interview? She met Steven Tyler twice in 2015, how can someone forget that? wtf
  5. you put britney's face in demi lovato's body?