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  1. obviously, they just stopped using it. why, did you think she was singing live? they still use pre-recorded vocals for freakshow and work bitch
  2. this is the exact time the guy with the vinyl appears, I don't see her acknowledging him and even if she did that guy who's supposedly her publicist didn't even see the guy with the vinyl. anyway if she really wanted to sign something for her fans she would.
  3. bitch how am I defending her? you're the one defending her saying that she wanted to sign somethin but he didn't let her. I'm saying that she wasn't going to sign sh!t (she don't even like her fans), she does whatever the f**k she wants. how is that defending her? were u drunk or somethin?
  4. he has his hand on her back but he doesn't make her not sign the vinyl, she wasn't even going towards the guy with the vinyl
  5. this is not something a person who doesn't have a say in anything would do
  6. oh pls in terms of signing autographs he can't tell her what to do
  7. he still doesn't tell her what to do, she pays him
  8. gurl don't be dramatic a lot worse has happened before
  9. oh pls do you guys really think britney didn't sign sh!t because HE didn't want her to? she does whtever the f**k she wants, a bodyguard she hired doesn't tell her what to do
  10. this is f**king ridiculous, she just ended a 5 year residency and she's doing another one? the worst is they announce it like it's somethin really cool that fans have to travel around the world to see her
  11. wtf was that she didn't even say sh!t. she literally left in 5 seconds barely even signed stuff
  12. Mona Lisa 2.0

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    without you ooh la la
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    socialney Remix her eras

    ...Baby One More Time ...Baby One More Time (You Drive Me) Crazy I Will be There Oops!...I Did it Again Oops!...I Did it Again Stronger What U See (Is What U Get) What It's Like to Be Me I'm a Slave 4 U Overprotected Lonely In the Zone Toxic Breathe on Me Early Mornin' Blackout Gimme More Break the Ice Piece of Me Circus Womanizer If U Seek Amy Circus American Dream 'Till the World Ends Up N' Down Hold It Against Me Britney Work Bitch Hold On Tight Alien Private Show Love Me Down Do You Wanna Come Over? Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés)
  14. Mona Lisa 2.0

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    Phonography - Talk that sexy talk Kill the lights