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    Any Gamers Here?

    So I know this has probably been done before, but were have a big influx of new and old users coming to the site (plus, I don't feel like digging through old topics ). Anyone out there into video games? What systems do you have? Which game are you currently playing? I own a Switch and a 3DS. Was playing the new Crash Bandicoot game for a while but recently rediscovered my love for Animal Crossing Also, I played some of the new Sonic Mania today to try out the new characters. So, where all my gamers at?!
  2. Chaoscontrol

    tour Another scrapped move

    FTBOMBH is a SNOOZEfest I agree TOMH wouldn't have been my choice for a song to be added originally, but I liked the performance, is was kinda sensual
  3. Chaoscontrol

    tour Another scrapped move

    THEY SCARPPED TWO OF THE BEST PERFORMANCES FOR REAL?!? Slumber Party was such a highlight for me! I am sooooo glad I got to see her perform it before it was scrapped! :O Truly blessed
  4. Chaoscontrol

    tour Another scrapped move

    I've been MIA, she scrapped TOMH and Slumber Party on the tour? Did she replace them with anything else? God, I'm happy my show was the third one