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  1. Chaoscontrol

    other We lost a member of the B-Army (RIP KINGNACIO)

    This makes me sad RIP fellow Stan. May God bless him.
  2. Chaoscontrol

    rumor About Rebllion...

    Do you remember any specific lyrics or anything? And how did you know it was uploaded in full? Did someone post about it here? Just curious cause I’ve always been intrigued by Rebellion
  3. Chaoscontrol

    rumor About Rebllion...

    I’ve heard that before, that it’ll get posted to YouTube and be taken down quickly. Can anyone confirm if that’s actually true, or if it’s just a rumor amoung the fan base? I think we’ll get it someday. Maybe not soon, but I do think it’ll leak eventually.
  4. I had read this quote years ago, and been to tons of concerts since, and to witness the crowd go crazy for Stronger was so amazing to me. This quote was all I could think of afterwards, it sounds cheesy but it was a moment in my life I don’t think I’ll ever forget.