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  1. Britney!!! She looks so pretty! This makes me happy Hope she’s there because she chose to be, and not, ya know.
  2. Team C-Ship will milk fans pockets one way or another I guess
  3. (I’m biased because it is my favorite album from her) I’ll meet halfway and say it’s her best album in the sense I think it’s the most cohesive. As a whole body of work, everything just fits together and flows nicely. I can see why people think it’s not her best though
  4. I was wondering this the other day, and it kind of worries me. I feel like when she gets free, they will still own everything with her name attached and she won’t even legally be allowed to perform her hits. They will do whatever they can to ring her dry as a form of revenge for rebelling. Like I said Britney, just know your fans will never let you fall ♥️♥️♥️
  5. @breatheheavy is there a way we can permanently change our inidividual setting to ‘Sort by Date’ and not ‘Sort By Air’? Idc if you keep the air thing, but it’s really frustrating to have to constantly start at the first page of a thread, click set by date, then go to the last page and THEN find where you left off. It’s REALLY annoying.
  6. EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THIS SO IM NOT CRYING ALONE. Viva. La. F*cking. Revolution. #FREEBRITNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. They said August 15th is the next hearing in that video, I thought it was September?
  8. My thoughts exactly. Even if it was just one or two random fans, you know they’ll take that as far as they can go to make themselves look like the victims. Also, NOT saying they deserved them. I was always against taking things that far.
  9. The people surrounding her are insane!!!! GUILTY. AS. F*CK. Britney, I’m so sorry for giving these EVIL people my money. Money that should have gone to you. Just know that your fans will never let you fall once you are out of this mess. Even if we have to start a Go Fund Me for you, we will not let you fall.
  10. No Other Fan Bases: Britney Army:
  11. You are 100% right. I actually find it kind of frustrating that fans here and on IG seem to think all of a sudden Britney has access to her IG. Do they really think that NOW, of ALL times in her life they would give her access? We are talking about one of the most heavily sheltered stars on the planet, who they have done their best to keep on a conveyor belt routine of ‘work, perform, relax, repeat’ for 11 years now. They have done all they can to make sure she doesn’t speak out, do people REALLY think they are going to give her access to potentially reach millions of users on social media? ‘Her’ IG account is a propaganda account. No more or less than the TMZ articles paid for by team cshit. The candids are staged. Her IG is staged. Everything surrounding her is staged and controlled. Do you know the one thing that hasn’t been controlled regarding Britney? The #FreeBritney movement!! It’s the ONLY part of her career that her team has had no control over in the last 11 years. And because of that they have gone full throttle trying to regain control of the narrative. Time is up though. The sleeping giant has been awakened and there is no going back. Jamie, Lou, Larry, etc need to realize that no amount of damage control will dig them out of the hole they have dug themselves into. No amount of IG posts, candids or Britney driving, or controlled interviews will make the fans turn a blind eye. Not this time.
  12. Does he even have a leg to stand on? Tabloids report fake news all the time and I never hear of celebs or their teams suing. Sounds like someone is just trying to wave his wallet around in a show of power. You can silence the fan site but you’ll never silence all the FANS. There’s too many of us.
  13. Damn, I just checked amazon and you’re right. Wish I had ordered last year, I had it in my cart and it was like, $20
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