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  1. I can basically agree with your opinions leading up to the album, because I was in a similar spot. But I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised! I have always enjoyed Keshas music but she’s lost me a bit as the past few years have come and gone since Rainbow. She’s become way to SJW-woke for my liking. I was excited to hear the new songs when the album was announced but then I saw the album cover and thought it was atrocious. Then Raising Hell was incredibly underwhelming. My Own Dance I listened to maybe 3 times, since I’ve heard it, and Resentment is a good song but it’s not really a bop. It took me like, 5-6 listens to really like Tonight. It’s def a messy bop but I didn’t really appreciate the messiness until after a few listens. But I gotta day I’m impressed with a lot of the album. Birthday Suit and Kinky are bops, Shadow is AMAZING and I am in love with High Road and Cowboy Blues. Chasing Thunder is a good song too. A Little Love Tonight (I think that’s what it’s called) is ok but forgettable at best. Honey, BFF, potato are all pretty shitty imo. There’s gotta be another I’m forgetting but I’m going to assume it’s probably as underwhelming. Overall I’m pleasantly surprised with the songs I love. Having 6-7 Great songs off an album I figured I’d hate is pretty good as far as I’m concerned 🤷‍♂️
  2. I came back recently on the court date to lurk and have checked a few times since. I’m not sure what’s happening with the second forum but hopefully he leaves it in the trash
  3. I’m happy to see some of the familiar names popping back up, I miss you guys
  4. Awesome job spreading the word, I’m sure her team had something to do with it getting locked. I've said it since the beginning, there are A LOT of people who want Britney quiet. They are all freaking out. This is bigger than just Jaime, Lou and Larry. If Britney is able to talk freely, she can bring down the roof on half of Hollywood probably. These snakes from all over will try to censor what they can. We must persist. VIVA LA REVOLUTION! #FREEBRITNEY!!
  5. I mean I thought I was the only one who figured he was paid by Team CShip to destroy this forum, until I realized the other day that A LOT of exhalers who used to frequent think the same thing. I almost hope he was paid tbh. I don’t want to imagine that somebody can make THAT many awful decisions to their website in less than a year
  6. I haven’t been on here in months, sadly. This forum went to complete **** so I spend most of my time talking with fans on IG now. Not sure how often this thread was updated today but from what I’ve gathered, it seems like another date has been set for April. I don’t think we have much tea for today’s hearing. oh, and Cher is officially #FreeBritney
  7. Who would’ve thought in 2020 that Cher would be helping #FreeBritney more than Jordan? 🤷‍♂️
  8. Well, I DO believe it’s a C-Ship reference, but when I originally saw it I was positive (in my own mind) that it was Lou being a shady sick *****. Mocking the last decade. After sitting on it a few days though, I agree with you and others in this thread who suggested that her and team Cship would have NOTHING to gain from that post. Only thing would be our trust in thinking it is Britney who posted it. I’m really torn. I just don’t see how or why they would give her access to her account NOW of all times, unless if they were directed to by the court? I truly have no idea how I feel about it right now, making it yet another mystery in the world of being a Britney fan 🥴😭
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