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  1. Lol at the crossed off part, that's very true As far as the rest, I agree to an extent. People can dig and feel however they feel about Hart's tweets. I'm not saying I agree with what he posted, I actually think it was immature af. He should have figured it'd come back to bite him in the ass someday. But he publically apologized multiple times for it, and I was mainly just trying to drive home the hypocrisy thing in hollywood. The 'crimes' are also of different nature. Kevin offended people with his words. Bad judgement for sure, but this other dude was in jail for attempted rape of a minor and for manslaughter. As far as I'm concerned, no amount of time behind bars will ever reverse those crimes. Anyone who sexually assaults a minor is scum to me, the lowest of the low. So I can't just write it off as 'he served his time' and be okay with the situation. Definetly not someone I would want to know lol
  2. Chaoscontrol

    exhale I'm glad Britney does her own thing

    I like Cappy's threads, keep doin you boo @Cappycorn87
  3. Chaoscontrol

    other It’s Britney hoodie

    Yeah that's the one. And I almost didn't because of the price but I ended up taking the plunge cause I knew I would totally regret it if I didn't Maybe check eBay? I'm sure there are some floating around!
  4. Yep it's disgusting. Kevin Hart was thrown out from the Grammys (or Oscars, some award show) for 'homophobic' tweets he made YEARS ago, and has since apologized for!! They keep coming back up and this time he refused to say sorry again. In the meantime, tweets using slurs from all of these female comedians have surfaced and no one is talking about it. They get a pass because they're women? Or 'LGBT allies'? I'm not sure, but the double standards is becoming increasingly obnoxious. Not to mention that these days we want to silence anyone who has an opposing view and goes against the groupthink, and we seem to forget this little bit called 'Freedom of Speech' that protects us. But as long as you think what we think and say what we say, you're in the club! I know that all isn't related to Nicki, but it's a perfect example of Hollywood hypocrisy that is so blatant these days. So in a way it's all connected. They celebrate trash like this amoungst themseves and have each other's back until someone remotely steps out of line. It can be from over 10 years ago too! Sad as f**k
  5. Chaoscontrol

    other It’s Britney hoodie

    Yeah and I totally slept on it so it's my own damn fault but I ended up getting a hoodie at POM this summer and I also ordered a 'Sleigh 4 U' hoodie from Amazon the other day to wear on Xmas so I am good with Britney hoodies I did love the Asian writing on those sleeves though!
  6. Typical Hollywood trash, all of them. The hypocrisy in this industry is completely mind blowing to me...
  7. Chaoscontrol

    other It’s Britney hoodie

    You bought two? I couldn't even find one
  8. The second unpitched video sounds way more accurate, the first one is...
  9. Chaoscontrol

    rumor I'll just leave this here for y'all...

    Omg Brinni release a new song please
  10. Chaoscontrol

    socialney Gorgeous New Prerogative Ad

    As soon as I saw the post I came to exhale for this comment thanks for not disappointing
  11. I'm not going to say you're wrong, because we have our opinions. But....