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  1. Chaoscontrol

    other Subliminal messages in songs

    Honestly backwards played tracks like this always freak me out I'm not saying I believe in them, they just sound creepy af!
  2. Ironically I'm wearing my POM sweatshirt today, fitting for the final show
  3. Agreed, I don't listen to it as often as other Glory tracks but it's a total gem imo
  4. I thought she looked really pretty as well My friend I saw her live with watched it too and messaged me afterwards saying she looked gorgeous!
  5. Chaoscontrol


    Still not really here for this
  6. Chaoscontrol

    The Good Place [Spoilers]

    Finally completely caught up, can't wait to see where things lead
  7. I think it's pretty badass tbh
  8. Agreed 100%, but I also agree with... This. Too much marijuana is harmful to the mind and too many people turn a blind eye. I used to be a huge smoker and my mental health surely paid for it after a couple of years, quitting weed was one of the best things I ever did. If Britney has mental health issues, small amounts could help or trigger them to be even worse. Everyone is a little different as far as that goes I think. Not against Marijuana at all though, so toke up all my smokers! Take a hit for me
  9. This is why I feel bad that everyone rags on her for being uninterested. I get it sucks for us fans, and I see the frustrations but we truly can't even know for sure if she wants to be doing any of this. Sadly, we don't know what goes on behind the scenes. Britney seems to have made some peace with her situation, I think it's time exhale does the same. It's not ideal, but I do think it could be much worse :/
  10. They wouldn't want to give her anything that may open her mind because they don't want her thinking for herself
  11. That's what everyone says I dunno though. I feel so dumb for having the fear and I would love to see the show so idk
  12. Chaoscontrol

    The Good Place [Spoilers]

    Attn: The thread contains spoilers, do NOT read if you haven't seen season 1. And if you haven't, what the fork are you waiting for? Any fans of this show?? The second season starts tonight and I'm SO SO excited!!! Season 1 was absolutely amazing! I am hooked. Also, if you have watched it, refrain from spoilers, and if you haven't watched it, you NEED to start with season 1 and watch from the beginning, otherwise it won't make sense. Am I the only fan of this flawless show here?