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  1. she’s going to open up with the hideous “WHO IS IT?” remix of Gimme More.
  2. It’s the “Britney” voice I’m here for. These vocals along with HATLM are my favorites. DeepVoiceney over Chipmunkney. Also, those ad libs at the end......
  3. i think she choreographed the do somethin’ video too
  4. $400? I spent $224 on ORCH2 Row L.
  5. Considering Pespi and Britney Fragrances are sponsoring this show, I would hope they added a larger budget for some better costumes, production, etc. I wish Britney will do new choreo, but I doubt it.
  6. Does anyone else see the Pit in Radio City Music Hall dates? Do you know if that will be end up being GA tickets for the public?
  7. i agree with the beyonce teas, but i would love it if britney had a similar production and creative team.
  8. girlfriend needs to tour with a new album, not with her basic POM show.
  9. i honestly believe there's no way britney will learn new choreo for DYWCO. if chosen as a single, they will use the POM choreo and it will be boring af. no shade to the song, i just think the lackluster performances from POM already tarnished its appeal. i think better or change your mind with a new choreographer would be ideal.
  10. mood ring deserves a proper single release and another colin tilley directed music video.
  11. i must confess: it was my top played song of 2016 on my spotify.
  12. i guess breatheheavy is now on beyonce's payroll.
  13. oh, beyonce. number 1 again. even on a britney spears fansite.
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